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Best Urban Garden Wedding Venues

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The wedding day is the most special day in a woman’s life. It is the day when she will say “Yes”, and the day from which she will spend the rest of her life together with her special man.

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However, the wedding day needs to be special for both bride and groom. You need to take care of so many things for that day. You need a perfect dress, your man will be standing there handsome, waiting for you, guests will be delighted to see you in white… Music will play, you will receive the wedding ring from your husband he might have chosen at segaljewellery.com and the best day of your life can start. The wedding venue needs to be the best possible one money can buy.

If you’re reading this article then congratulations on your wedding, but we’re not done here. This article will show you the best urban garden wedding venues in the world. We hope that this article might help you in the search for the best garden wedding venue.

1. Phipp’s Conservatory & Botanical Garden in Pittsburg, PA

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Phipp’s Conservatory is Pennsylvania’s oldest Victorian greenhouse that is the perfect location for your wedding. This venue will make any event special, especially your wedding. Phipp’s Conservatory has stunning outdoor gardens which are perfect for a wedding. The gardens all come with their own unique theme, which you can use to your advantage in order to create an unusual wedding, one that will be forever remembered amongst friends and family.

2. Beaulieu Garden in Napa, CA

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California has some of the best places to host a wedding. The Beaulieu Garden in Napa is a stunning outdoor venue that hosts exquisite dinners and weddings.  The gorgeous sunken garden has a sparkling pool, lush lawns, and grape vines that will take away your breath.

3. Chelsea Psychic Garden in London, United Kingdom

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Chelsea Psychic Garden is one of the oldest venues in the United Kingdom with a history dating from 1673. This beautiful one of a kind garden is made with fused brick and flint stones from the Tower of London. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the venue itself is further observed through the Icelandic lava that was brought in the 17th century through the river Themes. Chelsea Psychic Garden is a unique venue that will be more than enough to host your wedding.

4. Horniman Museum & Gardens in London, United Kingdom

Yet another wedding venue from the British Isles, Horniman Museum & Gardens is an award-winning garden that is converted into a beautiful and amazing venue. Horniman Museum & Gardens is one of the highest rated places to host a wedding in the entirety of the United Kingdom. The amazing atmosphere that is the product from the various species of plants will make you enjoy your wedding in tranquility and delight.

5. Tiny Boxwoods in Houston, TX

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Tiny Boxwoods in Houston, Texas, is a stunning venue that will meet all of your wedding needs. The venue itself provides a unique Texan style feel to it and the entire place is surrounded with scenery like no other. One part of the venue is woodland, and one part is urban, giving you the perfect balance of both settings. The venue is so unique that would make anyone want to exchange their vows in an urban and garden-like setting.

6. Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA

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The Atlanta History Center is more than sufficient enough to be the host of your wedding night. The 22 acres of gorgeous urban gardens will evoke feelings of luxury and magic form the Peach State itself. The Atlanta History Museum is one of the highest rated venues for hosting any special event, like your wedding.