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Spring Home Improvement and Cleaning Tips


Well, it is that time of the year when it is most conducive for you to do your cleaning. Probably, by the end of spring, you expect your home to be thoroughly cleaned. What’s more – you have a goal to make your home more attractive, elegant and, sleek. Here are six spring home improvement and cleaning tips;

Take Your Carpets to A Professional Cleaning Service

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Regular vacuum cleaning will not revamp your carpets in any way whatsoever. You need to hire professional home cleaners to thoroughly wash your carpets.

As illustrated by Zesty Things, when you vacuum clean your carpets; you will only be able to remove dirt and dust. However, if you take them for professional cleaning; you will be able to eliminate dust, dirt, allergens and, germs.

Therefore, taking your carpets to a professional cleaning service will ultimately improve your home’s hygiene. Moreover, if you inhabit a humid area, your carpets will be free from mold and mildew if you take them for professional cleaning.

Utilize Your Baseboards

If you live in a storied house, then make sure that you don’t ignore your baseboards when doing spring cleaning. Baseboards usually collect a lot of dust and grime over a long period.

So, you should put maximum concentration on your baseboards during spring cleaning. After you have cleaned them, don’t leave them idle.

Most people who stay in a storied house have failed to realize that they have an extra room. Your baseboard is your additional room. Therefore, you should effectively use up that little space in the baseboard. For instance; you can convert it into a kid’s playing ground or a pet’s resting area.

Declutter Your Home

Store away all items which you don’t frequently use. As asserted by Business Today, when you declutter your home, your house will appear to be more spacious and airy.

You should purchase sizeable storage boxes in which you will put all the valuable possessions that you rarely use. The general rule is that if you have not used an item for the past six months, then you should either dispose it off or stash it away in your storage areas.

Avoid the temptations of buying too many items which you may not use in the long run. If you purchase unnecessary items, you will lack a place to keep them in the long term.

Arrange Your Shoes Stylishly

If you are a shoe lover, then you definitely own a shoe rack. During spring cleaning, you should not ignore to organize your shoe rack stylishly. A messy and untidy shoe rack will make your home appear ugly and hideous.

You should arrange your shoes in opposite directions. For instance; the left shoe should face inwards, and the right shoe should face upwards. This will help you to conserve space.

Also, make sure that your shoe rack does not look to be cluttered. Always leave some space in between the shoes. You can also place some decorative items at the topmost part of the shoe rack.

Install Advanced Surveillance Camera

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To generally improve the security of your home, you should install advanced surveillance cameras. You should place these cameras both inside and outside your house.

Advanced surveillance cameras will automatically record the footages of intruders into your home. Also, some of these cameras have a linked mobile app. This app will enable you to receive notifications on your phone in case a burglar or a thief attempts to break into your home.

However, you should not put these cameras in a place where they can be easily seen. If you do so, burglars and thieves will spot it quickly. They will then do away with it first before stealing your precious valuables.

Do All the Necessary Repairs

Scan for all possible repairs when cleaning your house during spring. If you have too many damaged items, you should make a list of all the repairs you need. If you can afford to fix all the repairs, then go ahead and do them.

However, if your finances can’t allow you to do all the necessary repairs, then you should fix your most essential items. Some of these items that might need urgent repairs include your security system, your shower heads and, your sink filters and faucets.

You can fix all the essential repairs all by yourself. If you can’t, then you should contact the nearest handyman for help.


Springtime is the only season of the year when you will experience continuous bursts of physical energy. With the warm and inviting sun, you will surely feel inspired to have a makeover and to clean your home thoroughly. If you follow these tips, you will improve the general hygiene of your home and your loved ones.