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Tree Surgery Is More Important Than You May Have First Thought


Looking after the trees on your property may come as a distant second to keeping the grass cut, making sure the flowerbed is weed-free, and other garden activities. However, trees not only add value to your property, but people also tend to be more inclined to purchase a property that has trees in the garden areas. If you ignore the trees in your garden, you could actually end up losing them, which will devalue your property’s saleable value when it comes to moving on.

It is not just residential properties that need proper due care and attention. There are many business parks and other commercial properties that regularly have an Arborists company, such as mancoed.co.uk, come in to look after their trees. This also includes city and town councils who have expert tree surgeons regularly checking the trees in their constituency as part of their environmental plans that nearly all governments insist local government authorities must plan for.

Getting a Tree Report For Trees In Your Garden


If you have not paid attention to the trees in your garden, then the first thing you should do is conder contacting a tree surgeon to come in and assess your trees. A tree report can tell you a lot. Most of the time this report will give you peace of mind.

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Rees are strong and can grow without much attention at all, but this is not always the case. Especially if the trees are in a small area or growing next to other trees. A tree report will reveal any issues and the arborist should be able to give you a plan of action to solve any issues.

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Did You Know You Can Dictate How Your Trees Grow?


A tree surgeon will be able to help you with the way your trees grow. If a particular tress is blocking sunlight, or if you would eventually like it to block the sunlight, then the tree surgeon will be able to advise you on how to achieve your goals.

Similarly, if you prefer to have trees block people looking into your house or garden area, then you should book an arborist to help you with this. There are certain types of trees such as evergreen that are great for giving your home privacy.

Tree Removal or Tree Planting


Sometimes trees need removing to make way for construction or the tree is dying and needs to be replaced. There are many reasons why you may need a tree to be removed. Having an expert to remove large trees is always recommended. Some trees have large unseen roots. Some of these roots can be troublesome as they cross the path of drainage and plumbing or it could mean interfering with your neighbor’s boundary.

Conversely, when planting trees, you may need the advice of a tree surgeon on where to position the tree. If you don’t know much about trees, then at the very least get a tree report before planting the tree just so later down the line you know what troubles may lay ahead that you will need to deal with. You may also get the all-clear from the tree surgeon or be persuaded to move your originally planned tree planting area to a different places on your property to save yourself future costs.