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Ivory Decking: The Best Look?

Composite wood, the myth, the legend. The strange amalgam of wood and plastics, with a little extra something to keep you going for as long as you need.

Before I just into this, make sure you understand what composite decking is by checking out Dino Decking. Let’s go… When deciding to set-up, sit-down, and build a home- and we all know that without a garden you’re not living in a home at all. You want something that’s going to stick around as long as you are. Thankfully that can be the case because of all the strange science that goes into making the stuff.


The people behind the world of composite lumber, those wizards of wood and plastic are so confident with their work that they’re willing to slap on an up to twenty-five-year warranty. This frees the rest of us to worry about the more complicated issues such as groove shape, grain configuration, and colour. Today, here, lost among the various who-to’s, five-greatest-dictators, and how to make your tofu go even further, we’re going to talk about Ivory, not the stuff that comes giant grey beasts, but the other kind, the wood kind, the coloured plastic kind. We’re going to talk about why it’s good, and what makes it beautiful.

The Facts

Don’t ever let people tell you how to live your life. Those that love you having spent years by your-side and inside your head should know that if you want to build a garden in a swamp, then you will. Ignore their pleas that you use a darker wood. You know what you’re doing. You knew what you were getting into the moment you set eyes upon that mosquito-infested home, among the crocodiles and giant crabs. So, what if you have to crack out the hose several times a day? Thanks to advancements in human engineering you can take comfort in the knowledge that you have twenty-five-year before you have to start considering moving somewhere new.


Ivory wood is for the show-boat, the attention-seeker, the socialite of the garden decking world. You know that when someone decides to write a garden-focused version of the Great Gatsby, it’s going to involve a lot of white wood. Sure, there will be wet days, dark and muddy days, snow days when you bump your knees off taking it for a rather large and oddly shaped snow-drift. But a little elbow grease, a stiff broom, and the occasional hose war will take care of all that.

A twenty-five-year guarantee is longer than most relationships, which means we a little foresight is needed in order to get the most potential from our garden. Thanks to the colouration of Ivory wood, we already know that it works as both a focal point in a finite amount or in a grand gesture, we can deck out the whole garden, turning it into a white plain-land. The possibilities are endless (as long as it’s white, on the ground, and done with the idea of standing on).

Ivory can be used for specific occasions with a little tweaking to the mythology, your children will learn the story of Santa’s grotto, where he comes once a year to ensure that he gets all your letters. And as we all know, Santa is a very important figure, and the last thing we want to happen is for him to have an accident. So, we look around the home for a place for him to sit, up in the attic, down in the cellars among the spiders, out in the garden with the chill and the sludge. And as we’re showing him around the heated pool he stops, bounces up and down and asks what the decking is made from, and then the smugness sets in as we hold our arms in the air and scream, “Composite lumber!”



In conclusion, nobody should put you down with facts or opinions relating to the downsides of decking your entire garden in ivory wood. Thanks to the work of composite decking, that odd mix of wood and plastic, all recycled, means we don’t have to worry too much about it going anywhere soon. It’s a wonderful thing to know that if we’re not exactly making the world a better place, at least we’re not making it worse.

You don’t have to worry about cutting down any more trees. You don’t have to worry about it dissolving the moment Spring hits. You may struggle emotionally but you will get through barbeques, spilled drinks, and sick children making a mess all over your beautiful decking. Ivory is stylish, it’s clean, and thanks to composite decking it will stay that way a lot longer than you’d think. For more information regarding deck cleaning, click here.