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The Best Herbs for Container Gardening

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Not everyone can afford to have a garden to grow herbs they want. However, if you want to grow your own kitchen staples, the solution for you is container gardening. The best things to grow in containers are herbs. Hence, we decided to share with you which are the best herbs you can grow in containers at home. What best about each one of these herbs is that they require little attention and maintenance. Moreover, these herbs will grow just anywhere you place them and give fresh and fragrant spice for your food in return.


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Bay leaves give a distinctive flavor to dishes and they are usually used in roasts, soups, and stews. Bay leaves can be used during the whole year and they can be easily shaped to keep a manageable size for smaller containers. The soil bay requires is a basic and organic potting mix. When planting it, it’s important not to cover the top of the root ball with soil. Make sure you keep this herb in the sun with a bit of afternoon shade and always keep it inside during winter months. Water bay sparingly and feed it once a year in the spring.



Mint is usually used digestive tonics and teas, as well as, cosmetics and sweets. The most popular type of mint for container gardening are peppermint and spearmint. Mint can grow anywhere, even in places where it’s not planted. Thus, it’s the perfect herb to grow in containers. Place the herb in full sun, but in the shade during summer afternoons. Mint requires regular watering.


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Cilantro, also known as coriander, is a sun-loving herb which comes with a unique favor. The best time to harvest cilantro is in the late spring and early summer. The container in which cilantro grows should be filled with rich, well-draining soil. This is another herb which loved full sun and it’s best to place it in a sunny windowsill. Water cilantro regularly and never let it dry more than an inch depth into the soil.


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Rosemary is usually used for essential oils, cooking, and treating colds and infections. This herb is quite flexible for pruning and shaping and should grow in a container filled with a fertile, well-draining organic soil. Keep the container indoors during winter months and always place it in full sun. Rosemary requires the right amount of water, which means neither too much water or late waterings are good for it.


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This is probably one of the most popular herbs you can have in your kitchen. Its uses are extremely versatile and endless due to its strong aroma. Grow basil in a container with an all-purpose organic potting mix. Moreover, you should also add a bit of sand and lime mixed in. Basil doesn’t like cold climates and should always be placed in full sun. This herb thrives in the summer months and thus, it should get a full day of bright sun. The soil should get a bit dry between waterings, which means not too much watering is good for basil. If the soil you use is of good quality, you won’t need fertilizer. However, if the soil isn’t that good, it’s best to feed basil with a high-nitrogen fertilizer like chicken manure, twice during the growing season.