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Want to Get Rid of Garden Weeds? Let Us Show You How

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No matter how they were transported to your garden, every seed needs to wait for certain conditions in order to grow and spread itself. Regrettably, our gardens are just that. The perfect environment for foreign weeds places to themselves and grow into a garden weed or more precisely named parasite plants. However, they can become an issue for you only if you let them to. You can eliminate every chance for them to ruin your garden with a few effective tricks. Let us present you with some of them.

Trick Number #1 – Breaking the Crust of the Soil

The simplest and most effective recipe for keeping your garden fresh and healthy is plowing your garden. Down, up, and down again are three simple moves that will do magic for your garden. However, when we say to break the crust of the soil, we mean that you need to choose a tool and scrape a small part of the soil from the top of the ground between plants. On the other hand, you can do a simpler job of removing small garden weeds by your hand.

Trick Number #2 – Removing Weeds After Rain or Watering

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Every person who has a garden can tell you that there is not anything more time-consuming than removing garden weeds by your hand. This is something that you need to know when you are going to your garden with a tool of your choice after every watering or rain. When you are dragging a tool through the ground after every watering or rain, foreign weeds will germinate, but they will not grow. With this simple activity, you will stop hundreds of seeds from growing into a garden weed.

Trick Number #3 – Supporting Your Plants

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After your plants get big and strong enough, they will develop some kind of their own protection from parasite weeds. However, you need to support them until they are strong and healthy enough. You just need to cultivate your garden on a daily basis and the whole of your garden will thrive. If you decide not to cultivate regularly, and your soil will be invaded on short notice.

Trick Number #4 – Mulch

After you have done all the job on cultivation the ground, you should do the mulching of the crops. This is more important for plants, for example, vegetables, which will be in your garden for several months per year. Mulch is a method that will help you with the control of plants in your garden. This is a process of adding some additional layers on the soil surface. That way you will improve the fertility, conserve the moisture of the soil, and overall health of the soil.