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15 Tips to Make Your Sash Windows Last and Stay Beautiful


Sash windows are incredibly popular and they can be found in various properties, big and small.

As good and effective as they are, there are a number of issues that can happen with them, including draughts, rattling, rot, the putty and joints failing and sticking.

In the following post, we will give you some tips for dealing with and preventing these problems.

Daily Use

1) Stop your children from playing with cords, blinds, stabilizer arms and the windows themselves.

2) You shouldn’t have to use too much force to open or close your windows, just a balanced amount of pressure. If you experience difficulty either opening or closing them, you should investigate why you are experiencing problems.

3) Always make sure your windows are properly closed before you try to latch or lock it.

Wooden Windows Rotting


One of the biggest problems that you can experience with wooden windows is rot.

We asked the staff at Affordable Windows who provide sash windows in Stevenage, why this happens.

“When the timber fibers absorb water and moisture, it will start to soften up and expand. This transforms your beautiful wooden windows into the perfect breeding ground for mold and eventually, rot.

As bad as it sounds, there are some relatively simple measures to stop mold and rot from being a problem or the treat it when it manifests.

1) Check your windows each year for any signs of rot by pressing with your fingers on the surfaces. If any crumbles away or feels softer than it should, there is a good chance you have rot issues.

2) Ensure your windows are exposed to the minimal amount of water. This includes your roof and gutters not draining water directly onto your windows, there are no leaks that can cause a build-up of moisture and applying caulk around your windows.

3) The best way to stop the rot from damaging your windows is to use a protective paint to cover all exposed timber. This will help to stop water penetrating into the wood. It is best to use a latex-based paint as this will contract and expand depending on the weather and time of the year, thus stopping any cracking from occurring.

4) If it is too late and you find that some wood has rotted it is not the end of the world as you can fix it yourself. You need to first take a chisel and remove the damaged timber. Then, use an epoxy filler to seal any gaps. Once you have sanded and allowed the area to dry, you can paint it.



1) As most sash windows are constantly opened and closed in a busy household, the seals they have that protect your property from draughts can fall off or become loose. It is therefore important to replace them whenever you notice issues, to ensure your windows always have an effective and airtight seal.

2) Another problem is that when the cords are worn out or broken, you can have trouble opening your windows. Change these every couple of years.

3) Using an enamel paint to coat the timber on the windows can stop it from sticking when you are opening and closing them.


4) Windows absorb the excess moisture in the air during winter, causing them to swell slightly. When this happens it can be hard to open them. You can stop this from happening by always making sure you replace flaked or cracked paintwork in a timely manner. Consider the thickness of the paintwork too, because the thicker it is, the easier it can become stickier.


1) Keep all the sliding parts of your windows in good condition, using either beeswax polish or a silicone-based spray to lubricate them,

2) Don’t use solvents or harsh cleaners as you can damage the surfaces of painted sash windows. The best way to clean them is with some warm water, washing up liquid and a soft sponge.

3) Use a high quality glass cleaner to regularly clean the glass in your windows. Doing so while being careful not to leave any marks or stains. If you clean your windows in direct sunlight, you are going to have streaks so avoid doing it.

4) To ensure your windows have easy and smooth movements, keep the tracks they slide along clean and free from dirt and debris. You should use a silicone-based lubricant as this won’t cause dust or dirt to stick around.