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How to Control Mice from Getting Into Your Home?


All of us homeowners have an issue or two with our homes and that means all of us, no matter if you are in a building or you have a nice house with a picket fence. Every homeowner has to deal with a pest or two, depending on the place they live.

For most city buildings there are a lot of issues with a lot of different pests. Some had issues with spiders, and snakes, some with cockroaches and mice but they all managed to deal with them in one way or another. When talking about bigger pests that can be in our buildings and our apartments and houses, rats and mice are probably the baldest of them all. They make so many problems it is hard to comprehend.

Homeowners with big yards also have issues and those that are unlucky tend to become a breeding ground for these pests. Mice and rats are almost the same when it comes to breeding and infestation and this is why early discovery and prevention are important if you don’t want to be overwhelmed. We know of some cases where the mice and rat issues were so big that the homeowners decided to sell and move because they couldn’t conceive another moment there. some people feel violated by this and simply decide to raise the anchor and move elsewhere where they are the only inhabitants of a certain living space.

Today we will tell you how you can Rat Control and prevent mice from getting into your homes all thanks to rodentcontrolinc.com


Depending on the type of rodent you are having issues with and depending on the place and type of housing you can expect mice, bugs and other pests to start swarming into your house with the first colder weather. This is their response to staying alive and not freezing to death as well as their way of finding food. Since we managed food the first way of controlling these pests and keeping them away from your home is:

1. Clean regularly


Rodents like to eat and they like to eat a lot. They are capable of consuming 3-4 grams of various food a day. They are most attracted to crumbs, grain, food scraps and other similar food because they don’t need to bother with it and collect it a lot. This is why everyone’s first and best way to combat these is to keep your home clean. Whenever possible vacuum and clean with home cleaning chemicals. This will make them fight harder for food and when they don’t find anything it will drive them away from your home.

2. Use what you got at hand

Believe it or not spicy and hot things around the house can help you get rid of these critters. If you have some hot sauce and a free spray bottle you can easily make a decent fighting chance against mice. What you need to do is mix hot sauce, Tabasco sauce as well as some cayenne pepper, mix it all with hot water and dish detergent and shake well until it is all liquid. With this solution, you will go through all areas you suspect you have mice and spray them thoroughly. You can also go outside your home and spray it everywhere else to make sure they don’t get back again.

3. Dedicated chemicals

There are a lot of things that you can get your hands on without being a professional pest control person, and those things do magic against all types of rodents. The type of the chemical, the amount and all other things you will get and use depend on your situation so we can’t advise you with that but we will advise you to get proper protection gear like gloves, heavy-duty masks and goggles because these will protect your hands, eyes and lungs. These chemicals are bad for humans and they shouldn’t be touched, inhaled or ingested because you may die.

4. Traps


Setting up traps is the old but still effective way of controlling pests in and around your home. The traps have heavily evolved over time and from those simple mouse traps we have now cages, plastic boxes, mice and rat glue and many others that do more than a good job at this. The only thing to know is that you need to handle them with care, wear protection and keep them clear from small children and pets. This is the biggest drawback to this means of pest control.

5. Call the professionals

Sometimes all of us have to give and surrender, but that doesn’t have to mean that everything is over and that we are finished. These pests are so smart and their will to survive sometimes surpasses the ones we have trying to get rid of them. This is where professionals come in. they will come to your home, scan the area and assess the situation. The steps that will follow are closing any accessways to and from the house and out of the house. They will trap all rodents inside and cut off their food supply. The next step is to set traps or chemicals around the house and wait. Sometimes there are a lot of other methods these professionals use but this is all case by a case basis so we won’t bother you with that.

With all that said we need to emphasize that none of you should live with a rat or mouse problem. They are very filthy and they carry diseases. In homes that have a hygiene problem, dirty and cluttered sheds, pantries and garages will usually have these problems and you need to deal with that as soon as possible because you may see these pests very soon in your kitchen, toilet and living room. They will destroy your walls, leave their dirty droppings and pee all around causing your home to be a health hazard as well as a very stinky place to live.