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Here is why organic fertilizers are superior to chemical fertilizers


Have you ever wondered about the big difference between the organic fertilizers and the chemical ones? Were you in a situation asking yourself which one to pick and which one is better for you. Well, today we are here to talk about both types, as well as some of the qualities that both have.

The major benefit for the organic garden is the fact that organic fertilizers are full of nutrients that plants need. Our vegetables, flowers, and fruits need these in order to survive and grow. Because of that, they are more expensive than the chemical ones, but you get more bang for your buck.

It’s the same thing as you going to the McDonalds and eating their burgers – you can only get so many nutrients from that kind of food. The same goes for the chemical fertilizers, you are only getting some nitrogen, phosphorus and, potassium.


If we had to describe some of these chemical fertilizers, we would say that they are like salt. You can’t put too much of it near the roots of your plant as the moisture is going to get sucked in and the leaves of the plant might loot to weird. Even if you use them correctly, you never know what kind of complications are going to happen.

You are likely going to get more with organic fertilizers as they are much less likely to wash away. That is why people go for them over the chemical ones. The sources of these two types are totally different. While the organic one can come from many different sources, the chemical fertilizer usually relies on fossil fuel that needs to extract the nitrogen gas from the atmosphere itself. That is always going to put more C02 in the air, which causes climatic problems. Temperatures are rising, the drought periods can get long, the health of people is becoming unsafe.

You can see that we kind of prefer the organic one, and you should too. It’s the superior one.