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What Drawer Box Fits You Most


If you are either planning to build a new home or is planning to renovate your house, one of the things that also need to be considered is the installation of cabinets and the drawer boxes. You should also try to consider how its aesthetic is going to be, how it will fit your planned house design without having to compromise its functionality.

Drawer boxes are very important because this aids you in maintaining an organized household and also preserving the things that are in it. Drawer boxes are very useful in maintaining the integrity of your household items because it can protect your belongings from dust, moisture and other factors that can accelerate its deterioration if they are just left lying around in your house.

To help you with what kind of drawer boxes you would want to install, below are some ideas:

1.The 9-Ply Birch Drawer Box


This kind of drawer box is cost-effective because this not only cost too much but also is a durable option. This also comes in a beautiful dovetail structure, and the material is completed with a durable clear top coat finish prior to its manufacturing.

2.The Aspen Drawer Box


Aspen is one type of wood which is also used in the manufacturing of inexpensive cabinets. This is a softer type of wood and thus requiring a larger and more fastener. One of the primary advantage if you choose to use Aspen is that it is easy to mill and work for elaborate decorative results for added details and accents.

This is an impeccable custom cabinet drawer to give you more room to have the design compliment with any of your cabinet drawer fronts.

3.The Cherry Drawer Box


The wood material comes from the cherry fruit tree. This is a type of hardwood and is commended for its durability and stunning color. The cherry wood comes in various color, which includes the colors yellow, white, red, brown, and dark brown. Darker colors add a touch of elegance, whilst those with lighter tones are fit for furniture construction.

This is also perfect for your customized cabinet drawers. The cherry wood is cheaper than other hardwoods, thus making it a more attractive material for carpenters and woodworkers.

4.The Maple Drawer Box


Maple is also another type of hardwood that is cut down from maple trees. It is a highly prized woodworking product because of its distinctive color and grain. Some cuts of maple wood have grain with a flame-like appearance. This type of wood, however, needs to be sanded thoroughly before paint or polyurethane is applied.

5.The Red Oak Drawer Box


The material is cut down from a red oak tree. This is also one popular choice of wood for a lot of carpenter, woodworkers and cabinet makers because this is very ideal not only with flooring but most especially for indoor furniture and cabinets. Red oak wood has open pores which makes it very easy to stain. A dark stain makes the grain to be even more beautiful.

The red oaks balminess makes it a very nice addition to any sort of cabinetry. These drawers are being handcrafted out of choice Red Oak. You can have this customized also for it to compliment with your cabinets.

6.Walnut Drawer Box


The walnut wood is lumber cut down from the trees of the Juglans genus. This is a popular choice of wood when it comes to the construction of different types of furniture because of its strength, it’s coloring, and its capability to be shaped into decorative curves. What made Walnut so in demand is because, with both industries, it was its ability to create a highly polished finished on the wood after being shaped into intricate angular designs.

The color of the wood will depend on how it was dried, so if it is air dried, a dark and purplish color is thereby created that is very unique and this really works well in decorative uses. Using walnut as material for constructing kitchen cabinets is expensive but veneer can alternatively be used so to give it the appearance even without the overwhelming cost.

This walnut wood drawer box is a deep rich wood and can be handcrafted and appear as luxurious in any kitchen or bathroom.

It is sometimes daunting when you are making in the midst of making a decision as to what you want your interior would look like without having to discard efficiency and convenience in your own homes. There are a lot of cabinet makers that will help you in attaining how you want your furniture will look like and how you want it to function.

There are other materials available in choosing your desired drawer box. If you want to have a long-lasting or durable material, it is preferred to use wood or plywood as your drawer’s material because it can withstand external factors that other materials might not. This is especially true when it comes to moisture. Some materials are not durable enough and you might even spend more because you will then have to change your drawer boxes more often than usual.

The choices mentioned above are merely guides to assist you in determining what material can fit best on your planned purchases and how it can be customized the way you want it. However, of all six mentioned, an excellent choice for a drawer box is one made out of maple wood. This is because maple is less expensive than the other hardwoods and it is stable and durable. Maple can also complement very well with birch plywood, which is to be used for drawer bottoms.

Again, ultimately, it is your choice of how you want. You can have it custom built, or build it on your own, or purchase an already ready-made drawer box wherein you have nothing else to do but just to have it installed. The wood that you are going to choose will reflect the durability and quality that you choose to install into your own home.