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Green roof – A thing of beauty!


Green roofs are something that everybody admires. It just looks amazing to see a field at the top of the building. People started creating them back in the 18th century, so this is something that has been around for a while. It takes a lot of work and preparation to make something like this, but it’s really worth it as it looks great and it’s useful as well.


When you want to plant on the roof, you are going to need a fabric that is going to prevent the soil from mixing with drainage, something that is going to prevent the damage that roots can create on the roof, a waterproof membrane and a drainage layer that siphons off the water.

You can use the green roof in order to grow some vegetables and herbs. There is one farm on the rooftop in Brooklyn that actually produces over 30 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. That right there shows you how successful green roofs can be.


But, you don’t need to create it just so it can produce something for you. It’s also pretty lovely if you can just enjoy your creation, enjoy the green fields that you have…at the top of your building!

It can also be a nice home for many creatures since there are many insects that can enjoy green roofs like butterflies or bees, just to name a few. They can draw in many birds and useful insects.

In the end, they are also great when it comes to cooling down the building when the weather is warm, while they are also great when it comes to warming up everyone when the winter comes. It actually amazing.