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How to get rid of tomato diseases in your garden


Considering that it is cultivated in large scale throughout the world, it is important to pay attention to diseases that attack tomatoes, as well as preventive and direct protective measures that should be applied in order to combat the disease and to enable the plants to develop normally and give a good yield.

The main causes of the disease are poor conditions in which the planting is produced, primarily high humidity, high temperature, low illumination and high density of crops.


If the onset of the disease occurs, it is necessary to apply all possible direct combat measures in order to suppress the disease and allow for the further growth and development of the plant, because in the end, the main goal of growing this vegetable is a high quality product and high yield, and in order to achieve this it is necessary to conscientiously and responsibly perform all the tasks related to the proper development of the plant.

As soon as you notice that the fungus has attacked the plant, make sure to remove the damaged leaves from it, but do not damage the healthy parts of it.

Also, do not compost unhealthy leaves, because fungi can survive and pose a problem again. Either burn them or throw them away with garbage.

As the last exit from the problem, you can use fungicides, but they are not highly recommended because they can damage the plant and soil.


Fungus attacks leaves, stems and fruits of plants. Usually the leaves of plants get spots of irregular shape that are initially light brown and after dark.

There is still some work to do even when the season ends. It is important to remove and discard crop residue, plant a cover crop (winter rye or nitrogen-fixing hairy vetch).