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Did you know these facts about the Bee Queen


Have you ever wondered what goes on inside of the beehive? Many people don’t really like beeves because they can hurt you really badly, but they are pretty interesting and unusual insects. After all, we all love the honey, so we need to respect the beeves.

Some experts say that we can learn a lot about the beeves and their home if we watch how they behave. One of the signs that the queen is not there is when the activities inside the hive are not organized. She is the one that holds everything together, somebody that is imposing her will on the other beeves. The queen leads – others follow.
When she is there, the bees know where and when to go and pick up the pollen-nectar, as well as getting the water for the bees. The queen is the crucial member of the hive.


When she is not there, they can be more aggressive than usual and they make a lot of noise. When this happens, they are going to try to produce a new queen and her comb looks a bit different than the other ones. It’s bigger and looks like a peanut.

When it comes to their behavior outside of the hive, they have a defensive mechanism of stinging you if you get closer. There are a lot of predators that want to get to the beehive, like skunks or raccoons, so you can look for the marks of their attack on the hive.


Something that they also like to do is throw the dead bodies out and keep their hive clean. That’s why you may see a lot of dead bees in front of their home.