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Why Wasps Are Your Garden’s Best Friends


You might think that wasps are useless and do much more harm than good. And while that is true, the context of the situation is much more important here.

A wasp is your true enemy when relaxing by the pool, but it is your best friend when it comes to the garden.

You see, wasps are natural predators in the insect world. They are deadly, dangerous, and sometimes even parasitic. You don’t want to mess with a wasp as it will end up stinging up and leaving you in a world of annoying pain.


However, these are the same things that other insects feel whenever getting in contact with a wasp. Wasps seem to be naturally programmed to do only harm, and this can be very useful in certain satiations.

A garden is a place where lots of insects and bugs reside. These insects can be very annoying to deal with and they’ll mostly harm your fruits and vegetables.

You could try eradicating with pesticides and other chemicals, but you’ll only end up doing more damage to your plants. Insects have a natural way of mass reproducing, and simply spray-bombing with chemicals isn’t the natural way to deal with it.

So that’s why we’ve decided to give you an article describing wasps as your garden’s best friend. If you know more about that, then you’ll need to stick to the end of this article. With all that said, let’s start.

1. They DO Pollinate

Wasps and bees are two entirely different insects but are very similar to one another. Bees are natural pollinators that do the world a massive favor.

Without bees we’d simply end up a dying species. Wasps, on the other hand, have a great misconception about them as being nothing but pests. And while they are, the misconception here is that they don’t help out the same way as bees do.

While they most certainly don’t, they still pollinate other flowers the same way any other insect would. They are attracted to nectar, meaning they go from flower to flower collecting it. And in the same way, they pollinate and spread the world of nature the same way as bees would.

But there is a single type of wasp that does an excellent job of this and you can even say it specializes in it. This type is called the Fig, and it gets the name by pollinating fig trees.


2.  They’re Good At What They Do

Wasps get a pretty bad rep; no doubt about it. Many of the claims are true and legitimate, but you can only salute how good they’re at their job.

As we mentioned, wasps are natural predators in the insect world. They’re such great predators that many fear them. You can even describe them as complete a**holes, as they always seem to be around us whenever we’re doing something fun such as relaxing by the pool or having a picnic.

But they act the same way around other insects. They’re also carnivorous, meaning they eat meat. This means that they’ll get in burgers and steaks, but they’ll also eat fellow insects.

And when it comes to pest control in your garden, these are great to have. Since they eat fruits and vegetables to a very little extent, they will have to hunt down and kill other insects.

Their favorite ones include flies, caterpillars, aphids, beetles, and tons of others. Each and every single one of these will do harm to your garden resulting in an endless headache.

And since wasps are carnivorous, they will do you a solid and hunt down for survival. Can you imagine how beneficial a swarm of wasps can be when needing to take care of hundreds and thousands of larvae?

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3. They Promote Fear

Not only do others fear them and fly for their lives, but they also cause other insects to copy their color and behavior just so they can survive.

Many insects copy the distinctive black and yellow striped pattern of these predators. They copy for the purpose of spreading fear and dominance, and ultimately, survival.

The insect that is mostly known for doing this is the hoverfly or syrphid fly. We’ve all seen it and we’ve all asked ourselves whether that’s a wasp or not.

But this ultimately is a ploy that stems from fear. Other insects fear wasps and having a few of them around the garden can be very beneficial.


4. Forging a Peace Agreement

Another misconception about wasps is the fact that they’re inherently aggressive and will do everything they can to bite your or sting you.

This is very false, but it doesn’t take a lot to anger one. You see, they fly in around you just to say screw you. You instantly wave your hands at it for the purpose of scaring it away.

This is a clear and obvious sign of aggression for them, and the number one reason why they get so aggressive with us. They might be tiny and insignificant, but they have the courage to go toe to toe with an actual human being.

However, you can make the garden both yours and theirs by actually living in peace and exterminating other bugs together.

The best way to achieve this is by minding your own business and treating them with the respect they deserve. If you see one flying around you, simply move away calmly and they will eventually lose interest in you.

But living in peace with a hive can be very hard and very annoying. You don’t want them to become a nuisance and you don’t want them spreading all over the place.

But they’re so important for your garden’s pest control that it might be worth sacrificing some freedoms for it. Ultimately, whether you choose to live with a hive in your garden or not is down to you. One thing certain is that they strike fear in bugs of all sizes and shapes, making your garden insect-free.