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Signs you Should Worry About Rat Infestations

Rat infestation

If you are living in a house, one of the biggest problems you can face is finding out some damages that a rat infestation caused. You will see so many different traces of them before you actually see rats. However, many people do not know which traces are actually from rats and what kind of measures can take in order to solve the problem as faster as possible.

Have you seen rat droppings?


One of the crucial signs that you have a problem with a rat infestation is when you see the presence of rat droppings around your house. It is very interesting to hear that rats can produce more than 40 dropping per night. Additionally, you are going to find the droppings in concentrated piles. Since there are different types of rats, the droppings will be different as well.

Maybe you noticed some smudges and dark marks on the walls

In case you are having a rat infestation in your house, there is a big chance that you are going to see the presence of dark marks as well as smudges on the wall around the whole house. These things are occurring because all rats are taking one established route that they use for going around the house. After some period of traveling the same routes, rats are leaving behind the dirt and grease from their fur. Logically, their dirt leaves stains on the wall.

You can also notice teeth marks

Unfortunately, there is a big chance that you are also going to find marks on rats’ teeth in your house. These marks can occur on different objects around your house whether it is furniture, door frames, cables, wires, kitchen cabinets, or something else. This is, however, a clear sign that you are facing a rat infestation. Despite the mentioned, do not be afraid if you notice the same marks on boxes that contain food in them such as cereal boxes, snack packages, etc. Logically, they are hungry, so they are going to look for food inside your house and try to get to it. There is a difference between the rats’ and the mice’ teeth marks. If you see the marks that are 1/8 of an inch long, you are having rats inside your house.

Have you noticed some strange nests around your house?

One more sign that you are dealing with a problem of this kind is founding rat nests in some places around your house. In most cases, rats will create their nests in cozy, dark, and lonely places such as the attic, crawl space, or some other locations where there is nobody. If you are not sure whether they have nests, check some of those areas in your house. If you are asking what rat nests actually look like, you should know that they are creating them from some soft items and materials. For instance, they are using attic insulation, string, shredded paper, cardboard, or something like that. They are building nests with small piles of these items.

Rat holes are also a sign of rat infestation


There is a special rat type, the brown ones that love to dig holes and hide there. In other words, they are using those hols as shelters, nest and they also store food there. In case you see that there are holes around your yard and overall property, you should know that there is a huge chance brown rats dig them. There are other rat types that tend to chew round holes in the house walls. The edges of these holes are ragged and rough, so you will notice them easily.

Pay attention to whether you are seeing footprints and tail marks


Let’s go further, one more thing that you can check in order to conclude whether or not you are having rats in your house is checking dusty areas in your home. In most cases, in dirty and dusty areas you are going to see little footprints of the rats. Despite the footprints, you will also notice their tails trails when they dragged it through the dust. It would be a wise idea to actually follow these trails and determine where the rats are hiding in your house.

If you have a dog, pay attention to his behavior

If you are a dog owner and you realized that your dog is acting strangely in the past period such as barking at the walls, pawing at the space under the refrigerator or kitchen elements, or getting upset even though you do not see anything, you are having rat infestation in your house. Dogs are incredible animals that have some special sense and they can feel signs of some trouble or danger even though we do not see it. You should know that dogs are highly sensitive to about 40 different diseases that rats are carrying. Therefore, from the moment you notice that your dog changed its behavior, you should suspect a rat and it is very significant for your dog’s health to call the experts right away to conduct the examination. In that way, your dog’s health can be safe and protected.

Have you heard some scratching or squeaking noises?

Finally, we also wanted to warn you about paying attention to whether or not you can hear some strange noises such as scratching or squeaking. You can hear rats in your house as well if you listen closely. For instance, you will hear how they are running in the attic, on the roof, or through the walls.

Do You Have a Rat Infestation?


After you are done reading the article that we prepared for you that includes the most common signs of rat infestation, we assume you can conclude on your own whether or not you are having this type of problem in the house. In the case this is true and you are facing this problem, do not panic, since we got you covered! You can call the professional Bay Area Rodent Control service team that will conduct the examination on the rodentcontrolinc.com