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Most Common Pests in Gardens


There isn’t much we wouldn’t do for those we care about, but also for the things we cherish, and on this list, the first thing is our home. It is a place where we feel safe and comfortable, the space we share with those we care most about, and since that’s the case, we also want it to look nice. Almost every home has a garden, and if you are a homeowner that has one, you are probably already well aware that preserving it and keeping it in the top-notch state is not an easy task, far from it. Okay, we can sometimes get carried away and add some things to it that we will not use that often and will just create more mess, but even without those things, having a beautiful and breathtaking garden is not a simple task. Of course, pests also don’t make our job any easier, which is why knowing how to deal with them could save you a lot of time and trouble, so let’s check the most common pests we can find in our garden.

Fire Ants


Let’s first set things right, as there are pests that can cause more or less damage to your garden and even home. Now, depending on the surface, soil, and other factors, the type of pest infestation can also differ, which is why it’s of vast importance to determine what you are dealing with first. Fire ants are not so harmful to the plants in the garden, but they can be pretty dangerous for our pets and us. The main reason for that is their painful bite, which is something no one wants to feel, and it is pretty strange that something as small as a bug like a fire ant can cause so much pain. So, if we can experience so much pain, just think about our pets if they come across these bugs. Besides that, these pests cause a lot of damage to lawns by creating their mounds, and because of that, it is crucial to get rid of them fast. It can be pretty challenging because there is never just one fire ant, and if you do not know what to do with them, check¬†www.lawnandpetal.com¬†and find the best solution for your property.



Okay, let’s first state the obvious so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding, and no, birds are not pests, but if we look at the possible damage they can do, well, they don’t differ that much. Now, as we know, birds are everywhere, and there are a lot of different kinds and types, and birdwatching is something most people enjoy, but since there are simply too many of them, it makes it pretty challenging to say which of them is the most common visitor in our garden because most of them will not miss the opportunity to get some food easily. Since birds eat almost everything that can be found in the garden, protecting young plants can sometimes seem like an impossible thing to do, but, as we all know, that’s not true, as there are always things we can do to prevent this. One of the best ways to do so is to put the protective nets, so the birds cannot reach the plants, which also works both ways as these nets also prevent any possible injury that can happen to these birds. Besides all that, you can also use a scarecrow made of clothes or plastic bags attached to sticks because the wind will move them and scare the birds. So, if you ever wondered why some plants you can see have plastic bags or some piece of clothing over them, now you know the reason.

Southern green shield bug


We are all familiar with small green bugs that excrete a foul-smelling liquid when we try to kill them, and because of that, they are better known by the name southern green stink bug. Now, those who made this type of mistake before are well aware of how much of the unpleasant smell these bugs can release, and it’s not something you would want, but this is just a defensive mechanism these bugs use. As for the damage they can cause, these bugs simply love fruits and vegetables from our garden, and they can easily ruin everything if we do not react in time. Southern green shield bug is a common pest in every garden all over the globe since it can live in different climates. Once they reach plants, they affect the product, and we can easily think that our plants have some disease, and because of that, it is necessary to be sure before the treatment. Some of the most efficient ways to get rid of these annoying pests are to use fly tape and catch them before they start eating or vacuum them. It is a simple yet pretty effective solution that can both save your garden and you from doing unnecessary work.



Now, even though the first thought about rabbits is about how cute they are, they can actually do so much damage to your garden. Yes, rabbits love vegetables and not just carrots, which is why the smell attracts them. But, in order to stay fond and think of them as cute little creatures, you would like to pet, make sure to add some aromatic plants to your garden or place a fence to keep rabbits out. Of course, this only works if you don’t already have some as a pet, so in case you do, make sure you don’t let them explore your garden.

Slugs and snails


The main difference between these two species is the fact that slug does not have a shell while snail has, and everything else is pretty much the same. Both of them can ruin your garden for a very short time because they are well-known as fast eaters. They usually eat at night, so finding them by day can be pretty challenging since they hide, but all you need to do is to follow the slime trail. Once you find them, you can pick them up and remove them from the garden, but it is not a permanent solution because they will get back again. There are many ways to prevent slugs and snails from eating our plants, and we can use wood pellets, crushed eggshells, copper tape, or coffee grounds.