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How to Fix Artificial Grass On Wall


Artificial grass on wall is a nature-friendly product and it can be found in almost every area of ​​our lives. Grass fence walls, which are mostly used for decorative purposes, are a kind of ornamental artificial grass walls that are mostly preferred by houses, cafes, hotels and restaurants. Being made with artificial grass, it has had many advantageous features thanks to developing technology and also many alternatives that can be offered to customers.

If you want to create a natural atmosphere in your areas, you can have these grass walls in the shape, design you want. By doing so, you may add beautiful natural looking artificial grass to your walls. If you wish, you may make a nice exterior touch with grass walls by closing bad fences and even walls in terms of appearance. These walls, which are covered with PVC grass products, are also made of rubber materials. In addition, we may say that artificial fence walls are actually just molded and shaped forms of artificial grass. As these low-cost artificial walls are very easy to maintain and fix, they are preferred by many people.


You should take care to buy these artificial grass walls, which you can easily wash with water, together with the paint-proof feature, only from quality and reliable companies.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Walls


As a result of technological developments, many innovations and products have been also found in architecture. One of these decorative products is artificial grass on wall. 

This product provides you with many advantages for use. If we give the answer to the question why you should use a grass fence, we may say lots of things. Let’s see them together!

  • Grass fence is a tightly woven product. For this reason, when you surround the garden and detached houses with this product, you can prevent the interior from being seen.
  • Artificial grass on wall is very easy to install and use. It is not a troublesome product as it does not require constant maintenance.
  • It is a product resistant to sunlight. It can be used for years without fading in color. 
  • It can be used in all seasons. 
  • It is very easy to clean. 
  • It does not catch fire. Even if there is a fire in your place, artificial grass on wall will not burn. It is one of the greatest features of artificial grass on wall. 
  • It is produced with PVC. As a result, it is possible for it to be recycled many times.
  • You can get a natural appearance for your places and get relaxed even if you are in a pandemic process. 

How To Fix Artificial Grass On Wall?


There are some issues that must be considered while the artificial wall is being fixed. For example, the first issue that the teams will pay attention to during the assembly is how high the artificial grass on wall will be. The length of the panels will be determined in this way. Thus, it may be possible to create a more sheltered area. At the same time, the quality function of the fences will be revealed more clearly. Another element to be considered in the assembly of artificial grass fences is that the panels are equally spaced. It is a point that should never be ignored in the assembly operations. This situation is also considered as an important criterion for the tension of wire fences. If the tension is not adjusted correctly, situations such as cracking and breaking may also occur.

After the artificial fences included in the panels, there will be a final stage in the fence assembly process. After the fences are fixed to the panel, long-term use of the fences will be a reality. This process can be completed after the fences are attached to the panel surfaces with the help of welding or screws. The use of screws or clips in the most appropriate places can also stand out as details that will positively affect the function of the fence. It can be seen as the last process that will ensure that the fences can be used in the most appropriate and standard way. It is necessary to be careful in this regard, as negative situations may arise or additional costs will be caused. For this reason, it is very important to fix artificial on a wall in an appropriate way. 



Some people want to get artificial grass on wall but they are worried about some issues. In addition they have many questions in their mind. Now, let’s see these questions and try to find answers for them!

  • I want to have an artificial grass fence in my garden. But I don’t know which manufacturer to trust. What kind of features should a manufacturer have?

This is a very common question because many people want to receive quality service and use the related product for years. The preferred artificial grass on wall manufacturer should definitely be one of the leading companies in this field. If you want to receive quality service, first of all, you should make a list of companies that you can get service from, search for them, and contact them if necessary. If you work with companies like Wallgrass, you can have a quality product that you can use for a long time.

  • How long can I use artificial grass on wall?

If you find and prefer a quality company and get artificial grass fence service from them, you can have guaranteed products. Since artificial wall grass is not a product that requires constant maintenance, it can be used for up to 10 years if fixed correctly.

  • What is the cost of artificial grass fence wall?

It is not possible to give clear information about the cost of the grass fence wall. The price may vary based on many factors. If you want to get clear price information and have the area you will fix analyzed, you can contact the company you prefer.