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A Summary of the Services Offered by POM Plumbing Company

A functional residence or business relies on a plumbing system that is well-maintained, a necessity that is frequently neglected until something goes awry. Since its inception, the POM Plumbing Company has been committed to providing superior maintenance services to communities across Canada. Through its extensive services, POM Plumbing Company ensures the efficient operation of key systems of any size.

Residential Services


Homeowners are well aware of the disruption a malfunctioning plumbing system can cause. POM provides extensive residential services, including installations, restorations, and routine maintenance. Installations range from installing new drainage, water supply and sewer systems in new homes to retrofitting existing homes with cutting-edge equipment. The scope of repairs extends from common issues like leaking faucets and clogged drains to more complex problems like sewage blockages. Regular maintenance is intended to prevent flooding catastrophes from occurring.

POM stands out among residential service providers due to its customer-centric approach. The technicians take the time to comprehend the specific requirements of each householder and tailor solutions accordingly. Here is a snapshot of the typical time required to resolve common residential plumbing problems:

  • Problem Average Time for Decision
  • Broken Faucet 1-2 Hours
  • Blocked Drain for two to three hours
  • Sewer Back-up 4-5 Hours

Business Services


POM Plumbing Company caters its commercial services to businesses, enterprises, and other significant establishments. These services include plumbing for new construction, commercial riser repairs, and preventative maintenance. The scope of commercial faucet service necessitates a broader, more systematic approach, which POM has refined over time.

The adaptability of POM’s commercial services is what sets them apart. They have a track record of successfully servicing a wide range of commercial properties, from modest offices to large industrial complexes. The following table depicts the average amount of time required to resolve common commercial maintenance issues:

  • Problem Average Time for Decision
  • Plumbing for New Construction 1-2 Weeks
  • Commercial Drainage Repairs 2 to 5 Hours
  • Preventative Maintenance Varies

Services for Plumbing Emergencies

Source: thepinnaclelist.com

Unanticipated plumbing emergencies can cause significant damage if addressed after some time. POM Plumbing Company is available 24/7 to handle any leaking emergency. From burst pipelines to significant breaches, their prompt response and efficient solutions minimize damage and quickly restore normalcy.

Exceptional Services

In addition to standard services, POM Plumbing Company provides various specialized services. These include eco-friendly lumbing innovations and technologically advanced solutions. POM contributes to water conservation by incorporating green technologies like low-flow restrooms and water-efficient fixtures. Moreover, high-tech solutions such as video pipe inspection and intelligent leak detectors help customers save time and money.

A POM-implemented example of a specialized service occurred in London, Ontario. A large residential structure effectively implemented a sophisticated smart leak detection system. This system enabled real-time monitoring of the plumbing infrastructure of the building, thereby preventing potential calamities.

Moreover, a team from POM Plumbing Company recently conducted a series of seminars with local plumbers in Ukraine. This initiative emphasized the application of high-tech solutions, highlighting their role in modernizing the industry and improving service delivery.



From providing routine residential maintenance to executing complex commercial projects and from providing emergency services to pioneering high-tech solutions, POM Plumbing Company has consistently demonstrated its dedication to providing exceptional service. Their variety of services guarantees a solution for every sewer need, and their commitment to customer fulfillment sets them apart in the industry. POM Plumbing Company is the provider of choice for services characterized by excellence, dependability, and originality.