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How to Grow Lemon Trees in Containers?


If you live somewhere where it isn’t that hot or don’t have enough space but you want to grow a lemon tree, you should consider container lemon trees. Growing on in a container gives you a chance to provide the right environment in a smaller space. Let’s see how to do it exactly.

Planting a lemon tree in a container


When you try growing lemon in a pot, you should consider a few things. Firstly, container lemon trees are not as large as lemon trees grown outside. But it’s still better to find dwarf varieties of lemon trees. Some of those varieties are:

• Lisbon
• Ponderosa dwarf
• Meyer Improved dwarf

When growing them in a pot it’s very similar to growing them in the ground. The pot needs to have drainage holes.

You also need to water them on a regular basis. If the pot goes dry the leaves of the lemon tree will fall off.

Another important thing is fertilizer. Make sure to use a slow release fertilizer so the tree gets consistent nutrients. Another thing to consider is humidity since container lemon trees need a lot of it.

Problems with growing lemon trees in containers


Whatever you do growing a lemon tree in a container is going to be stressful on the plant. So you need to watch out for unique problems you may encounter. A common occurrence is sucker branches, these are branches that grow from the scion or rootstock of the plant. In a lot of cases so that the tree is harder nurseries grow them on a hardy root. Under stress, the root will try to take over the tree. If you happen to see one prune it right away.

Another problem is cold and drought. A lemon tree in the ground can take a bit of cold but one in a container is not like that. And as mentioned before never let your lemon tree go dry.