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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Home – 2024 Guide


Mosquito bites cause fatal diseases. In this situation, it is very important to get rid of mosquitoes. For this, people use different types of repellents found in the market and employ numerous home remedies. If you are also troubled by mosquitoes in your house, then instead of using poisonous mosquito coils and ineffective repellents, you can fend them away with the following tricks and tips. Follow this article to know more.

Many species of mosquitoes are found in the environment, which originates in mostly humid and hot areas. Although mosquito infestations occur throughout the year, in the rainy season, breeding of mosquitoes increases. With the first shower of rain, you should start taking measures to protect your house against them.

However, make sure not to use any harmful substances, You can easily buy a mosquito vial from any chemist, but do you know that it contains harmful substances? According to the latest research, these types of fluids involve the use of a harmful substance, deet, which is a pesticide and has a devastating effect on the person and the environment. This is why environmentalists refuse to use these vials. Apart from this, the effect of these vials is only for a limited time, after which they become ineffective. Instead, it would help if you resorted to using effective mosquito repellents like Bug Bam. It is an eco-friendly, non-toxic repellent that will give you ensured results.

In this article, we will talk about the various ways in which you can keep them away from your home. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

Do not allow water to accumulate near your home:

The most important thing is not to let water accumulate anywhere around your home and your surroundings. When rain falls, water gets collected in many places, which gives mosquitoes a chance to thrive. Remember to clean your surroundings and keep them dry. Water becomes the breeding place of them, and hence the accumulation of water needs to be avoided at all costs.

Burn Camphor:


Burn camphor in the room and close the window and doors for 10 minutes. All insects and pests will run away. Putting camphor and cloves together in a cloth, you can hang this cloth somewhere to drive away mosquitoes.

Use Neem Oil:


Apply neem oil on your hands or feet or mix neem oil with coconut oil and light a lamp using this oil mixture. Mosquitoes will steer clear of this lamp. You can also spread neem oil in the house daily with the help of an oil diffuser. Its vapours will not allow the pests to enter the house. The special thing is that neem oil does not cause any harm to children, which makes it a safe way to protect your house against pests and insects. Neem has immense benefits for health, and these bloodsuckers can also be driven away with its help.

Plant Basil:


Basil leaves are considered very beneficial for health. It also helps in controlling blood sugar level. It enhances immunity and prevents bacteria and viral infections. Not only this, if you plant a basil plant in the courtyard of the house or at the entrance, it will help you to eradicate these bloodsuckers.



People believe that mosquitoes run away upon inhaling the smell of marigold. Although we could not find any scientific evidence for this, many people plant marigolds in their houses to keep pests and insects away.

Citronella plant


Citronella is used extensively in Pests Repellent Cream. This plant is considered good in protecting against mosquitoes. Plant it in your house’s courtyard and watch mosquitoes being steered away from your house.

Bee balm


It is a strong repellent plant. Plant it in your home. It brings numerous pollinators like bees, sparrows and butterflies to your garden, which will eventually kill the mosquitoes present in your house. It is also used as a tasty garnish for jelly, tea etc, thereby providing a two in one action.



It contains a chemical called nepetalactone, which acts as an effective mosquito repellent. These chemicals are used to make strong repellents like DEET, which is present in most pesticides.

Ageratum Plant


The Ageratum Plant is considered a good mosquito replacement. The smell emanating from it causes mosquitoes to run away because its smell is very fierce.

Garlic Cloves


Pests and insects can be eradicated by using garlic. You can keep the mosquitoes away by applying garlic juice on your skin. Also, you can use garlic water spray to kill the breeding spots of mosquitoes. Boil the crushed garlic cloves and fill the mixture in a spray bottle and sprinkle it in the corners of the house so that mosquitoes’ breeding places will get naturally destroyed.



The fragrance of this flower is effective in helping to kill pests and insects. It has a strong fragrance that drives them away and prevents them from re-entering the premises. To use this home remedy, all you need to do is sprinkle a little lavender oil in your room or you can even use an air diffuser to spread the diffused form of lavender oil. It will behave like a natural room freshener.

This flower can effectively drive away insects and pests, and its smell can also make you feel relaxed, thereby proving to render a two in one action. Lavender also helps to drive away flying insects like cockroaches.



Mint is a fast-growing plant and hence you can plant it in your courtyard just before the rainy season begins. You will notice it all grown in no time. Mint oil helps to eradicate mosquitoes and it also helps in relieving the itch and the discomfort caused by the insect bites. Thus, it is one of the best effective steps you should employ to protect yourself from the diseases inflicted by the insects and pests.

Final Words:

Employ these methods to kill the breeding places of mosquitoes and protect your family from the dangerous diseases that they bring along with them.