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How to kill a mosquito larvae?


It’s summertime! Do you know what comes along with the summer? Mosquitoes! Yes, you can’t avoid them and you are going to have to battle them all summer long. But, they are not only annoying for people to deal with. They can also carry some dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus for example. It’s not a joke. The Mosquitoes need to be dealt with.

They are capable of laying their eggs on the surface of standing water. In two days, they are going to hatch into larvae. You may think that they can not live in water, but they are capable of being there for up to two weeks. That is when you need to get them.


Female adult mosquitoes are usually the ones that are going to attack you. Luckily for us, there are ways to deal with both larvae and adult ones in a way that you don’t harm the nature. You may not like to see birds in your garden, but they are going to make a meal out of those mosquitoes. When it comes to battling the annoying insects, the birds can be your best friends.

You can also use certified organic mosquito dunks, which are great for killing them and getting rid of the annoying insects. Bti is the best version of it. The mosquitoes can’t stand them, but they are great mostly because Bti’s are not going to harm you or other mammals. It’s nothing but a bacteria that is toxic for the mosquito larvae.
The other great way to deal with them is Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, which are going to show you the results right away. You just need one tablespoon of this product once in two weeks. Put it in the standing water and mosquitoes have no chance of surviving.


The final option that we are going to present to you is the Mosquito Barrier. If you put it in the grass, it’s going to repel the adult mosquitoes. If you put it in the standing water, mosquito larvae are not going to survive because they can’t get enough oxygen.