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Small Changes You Can Make to Live a More Sustainable Life


Reducing your carbon footprint is one of the best ways to become eco-friendlier; doing so also allows you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s important to make small but positive changes for the environment, especially with the current climate. While other changes require more work, there are some smaller alterations you can make that are beneficial for you, your wallet, and the planet.

Love leftovers


Eating leftovers rather than wasting them is a positive change to an eco-friendlier life, whether it’s the takeout you bought last night or the rest of your fancy dinner. Some people may already do this, but if you don’t, it’s something to consider. Pour your leftovers into a container and take them for your lunch at work or college, then heat it or eat it cold – whatever you prefer. Saving food waste is an excellent step in the right direction.

Use natural cleaning products

Rather than buying chemically made cleaning products to use in your home, try making your own. Use natural cleaners such as baking soda or vinegar over conventional cleaners to save the planet. You could even try looking at a brand of eco-friendly detergent to wash your clothes.

Invest in smart lighting

Many homeowners and landlords are investing in smart lighting around their properties, due to how much energy it saves. Smart lighting works through automatically turning on when someone enters the room, and then turning off when they leave. This means you’ll never have to remember to turn the light off again! RW Invest has similar smart lighting solutions in many of their properties, a massive step for property companies offering landlords new developments. This is a step towards saving the environment and doing your bit for the planet, which they believe is essential.

Swap don’t shop

Charity and thrift stores could be your best friend, or perhaps try swapping your clothes with friends. It’s a fun activity to do and allows you to own new clothes without having to buy more. Not only is this ideal for your wallet, but you’re also helping to reduce clothing waste. Another great thing to do is to sell your clothes. If you have any designer or high-end branded clothing, then you’ll be repaid in cash from the buyer.

Use public transport

Public transport isn’t the most enjoyable commute, and it’s not always as easy as driving your vehicle is. However, the more cars on the road, the worse it is for the environment since cars produce harmful CO2 emissions. Using public transport more drastically reduces your carbon footprint, and it means you have time to relax and enjoy the ride. Also, if you’re within walking distance of a location, walking is a better way of commuting!

Switch out a day a week to be vegan


Cutting out meat and dairy products from your diet can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 73%, that’s impressive figures. This is possibly the easiest way to live more sustainability as there are hundreds of vegan items to choose from. It would significantly drop greenhouse gas emissions and free up more wildland to lost agriculture if everyone cut down their meat consumption or switched out a day in their week to be vegan. Admittedly, being vegan full-time isn’t ideal for everyone, but becoming more aware of your food choices can positively impact your life.

Go paperless

Cancel any newspaper subscriptions and try using the online version instead; emails are much more earth-friendly compared to fax machines, and they’re a lot more efficient too. Go paperless on your bank statements and other subscriptions too. Paper coming through your door every day is annoying and wasteful; only going paperless can stop this and lead to living a more sustainable life.