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How Sustainable is Bamboo Bedding?


In today’s market, we have many choices in regards to bed sheet fabrics to choose from. Looking back a decade ago, you were limited to either cotton or polyester bed sheets. However, many of us are looking for ways to buy green and sustainable products. This phenomenon has spilled over to what we look for when buying bedding and clothing as well.

If you have attempted to replace your sheets lately, you would have noticed several other fabric types that might be new to you. You can now decide to upgrade to microfiber sheets, performance sheets, Egyptian cotton, and even bamboo sheets.


Bamboo sheets claim to be more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to other types of popular bed sheets. That’s not all, many sites claim bamboo sheets are softer than Egyptian cotton sheets and smoother than silk.

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How Sustainable are Bamboo Plants Compared to Cotton?


We are all aware of cotton and products made from cotton fabrics. I’m sure you are wearing at least one piece of clothing made from cotton right now! But for the past few years many companies have been looking for a more green and sustainable alternative to cotton.

Bamboo has many features that make it a great runner up, in terms of sustainability. Here are some reasons that make bamboo more sustainable than cotton.

  • Bamboo is a weed and grows naturally in jungles around the world. Compared to cotton that needs to be cultivated after each harvest.
  • Bamboo requires no pesticides to fend off diseases and insects. The chemicals used in the pesticides erode the soil and causes damage that takes years to recover from.
  • It only requires 1/3 of the amount of water that cotton needs to grow.
  • Some strands of bamboo can grow extremely fast, as fast as 4ft per day!

Popular Products Being Made with Bamboo


It’s not enough that bamboo is a more sustainable alternative to cotton, it has to be more comfortable for clothing and softer for bedding. Otherwise, we would have gone back to using hemp and wool for their sustainability.

Bamboo fabrics are very noticeably cooler than cotton. In fact, bamboo fabrics are naturally 3 degrees cooler than cotton fabrics. This is especially true if you’re a hot sleeper or suffer from night sweats because bamboo absorbs and wicks away moisture very well.

Another popular product made with bamboo is yoga clothing and underwear. The benefit of being able to wick away moisture will keep you dry during daily activities and yoga routines. The coolness of bamboo makes it an excellent candidate for cool bed sheets, socks, pillows underwear, clothing and more!

So for the reasons above, bamboo plants are a more sustainable alternative to cotton as well as providing more benefits when made into bedsheets and clothing. They combine the best of both worlds, from being eco-friendly while providing softness and comfort, you can’t go wrong.