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How a Farmer Can Save Time, Money, and Effort With a Patented Disc Chain System

Farmer Save Money With a Patented Disc Chain System

Those involved in farming will confirm what a tough industry it is. Battling against extreme climates ensures a stoic group of workers are involved. Competition to produce the best goods, whether it be livestock or from the land is fierce, with pricing another factor to throw into the pot.

With much to contend with, there is little wonder that an extra helping hand is most appreciated. Machinery and technology have come on in leaps and bounds over the years, and certainly a long way from cultivating crops by hand. Those who decide that the informed decision to use the highest quality disc chains are certain to save themselves time and money as well as providing the best opportunity to reap a successful harvest.

Disc chain for better farming


Easier and better farming can be enjoyed by using a patented adjustable disc chain system so that every season allows for controlled depth in every soil prior to planting. The discs are fitted to existing frames pulled by various vehicles, with the good news being that the revolutionary design patented by leaders in the industry can be installed on new frames or retrofitted onto those already purchased, which makes them cost-effective as well as doing a fantastic job.

They are quick and easy to install or change, without having to head back to base. They are ready to go after 45 minutes of spanner workout in the fields, saving further time compared to other models. The discs, which are becoming increasingly popular, produce fewer passes, and offer a better weed kill, leading to an increased quality of crops and environment for them to grow in. It provides peace of mind to the farmers, who might relax after an easier day’s work and discuss how to choose the right material for garden furniture to enjoy food and drinks from.

Preparation of seedbeds in fields


The preparation of seedbeds in fields that have been left cloddy and rough after ploughing proves to be no obstacle to the best chains, as they offer the perfect preparation. Subsoil moisture is also preserved once the field is worked on, again allowing the best chance of producing the best crops. More weeds are killed thanks to the close spacing of the discs, while their aggressive nature will tackle even the harder topsoil. Crop residue is also improved which reduces the chances of soil erosion.

The adjustable chain disc system offers incredible versatility so that several pieces of expensive equipment are no longer required when tilling. They can be adapted depending on what task is required of them, with weights being able to be added or taken off easily so that the chains are perfect in all conditions. Astute workers in the industry will also cover crops which is another function when using the best chain discs. Maybe it will free up time for a visit to a national park.

Farmers can save themselves immeasurable time, effort, and money, when turning to a patented adjustable disc chain system to get the most from their land and guarantee improved crops.