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Protect Your Hard Earned Possessions


Most of the automated home security systems provide the basic security of the house with smart home automation. Very few of them are looking forward to pest control in the lawn area. The reason behind this negligence is that most of the houses do not have lawns. But at the same time, two to eight leg intruders (insects, reptiles, etc.) are found inside the house as well. Therefore, this problem needs to be resolved. Like many other components, it must be automated.


The good news is that home security systems have stepped forward to cater to the issue. Initially, their plan includes:

A treatment every 3 months

The company promises to send a team after every three months to take a look at the current situation of your home or lawn. Regular maintenance is done if there is no problem. However, if a problem is identified, then the necessary steps are being taken for it. The benefit of this feature is that you don’t have to worry anymore about these multiple intruders. The security of your lawn is now in safe hands.

Cater weep holes and eaves


The pest control feature includes looking for weep holes and maintaining eaves. These holes are mostly found around the exterior perimeter. However, this is an optional feature. The user can drop this feature as per his requirement.

Ant piles identification


Ants are one of those creatures which are found everywhere and anywhere across the globe. Therefore, their piles must be identified as early as possible. Ant piles cause a lot of damage to the walls and the lawn in particular. Special sensors help to identify them in time.

Wasp nests and spider webs


Wasp nests are found mostly around the trees on the lawn or sometimes on the exterior walls. Identification of wasp nest is not the only task in this domain. An expert is required to take it off with care and to make special arrangements to stop such further problems. Spider webs are formed both inside and outside of the house. And they give an ugly look to the house. However, spider webs do not cause any damage to the house, but they must be removed as soon as they are identified.

Treatment for other intruders

In similar fashion, water bugs, pill bugs, and crickets are catered to.

Visual termite inspection


All the above-mentioned precautions are taken into account with the help of a visual inspection. This visual inspection is the core of an automated pest control system.

  • Attic inspection

The attic is one of the most ignored parts of the house. All the intruders are likely to reside there. Therefore, there is a need to take this part of the house into account as well.

  • Area coverage

Up to 3,500 sq ft residential area is taken care of via this system. For more coverage, larger applications will be required.

  • Email or Text Notification of Future Visits

The company can be contacted through email or text notification. Extra visits from the company can be requested from the company through email or text notification.

  • Service duration

The service will continue till the user cancels it himself.

  • Service available

This feature is not available in every city. Rather, a few cities are covered initially. However, the companies are looking forward to expanding it as per the need of the users.

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  • Intruders

Several intruders are catered to by this system. A few of them are listed below:

  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Wasps Nests
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Roaches
  • Mosquito
  • Bedbugs

Customized termite systems are used for mosquito treatment, knocking down wasp nests, and yard ant treatment. The yard ant treatment is a yearly package, while all others come under the package of three months.

  • Limitation

Nature is a free thing and is not under anyone’s control. Therefore, flying insects found inside or outside of the house are not guaranteed.

  • Customization

In most cases, exterior pest prevention is sufficient. However, some companies do offer to spray inside the house. But most of the customers are not comfortable with the idea. Therefore, this feature is left as an optional one.

  • Warranty

Usually, one year warranty is offered by the companies. This warranty comes with a few conditions. Each company has its condition. At the same time, there are a few companies that do not offer a warranty in this domain.

  • The perk of prepaying yearly

It is observed that the long-term plan comes with a few extra treats. For instance, some home automation companies offer one year of ant control in the lawn with a yearly package.

Best Company

Multiple companies are competing in the market to sell their system. All of the systems look alike. How to choose the best one out? To make the best choice; keep your mind alert while signing the contract. Make sure the contract is not a long term one. Read the commitments you are making with the company carefully. Secondly, the price should remain the same in the long run. No hidden charges should be introduced later on.

Advantages of Automated Home Security System


The automated home security system offers a wireless alarm monitoring system at a low cost at a very high speed. Besides, automation can be done to the existing system. Above all, no outsourcing takes place. Most of the details of the system are present online. The crime rate is reduced tremendously. Along with burglary control, smart home control is also embedded in it. A user-friendly front end is designed to make the system easy to use. A smart installation saves the home from any breakage. Security of the house can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Features like arm/disarm along are introduced. The world of home security is revolutionized tremendously. The automated home security system is the future of every home.