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Features to Consider in a Lawn Tractor


When choosing a lawn tractor it’s important to consider which features will augment your lawn tractor experience. These range from simple quality-of-life improvements that make it easier to use, to game changing options that can let you use your tractor in ways you might not expect.

Just take a look across social media and YouTube and you’ll see all sorts of ways people use their lawn tractors and the features that make it possible. Take a look at the features below, and compare them on the features of these zero-turn mowers, listed by gentlehut.com




A bumper is one of the most needed lawn tractor features, as it helps you protect your machine from any trees or shrubs that could potentially get in its way. Some lawn tractors already come with a built-in bumper, while others will need a bumper kit. Bumper kits are simple to install, and they should come with the necessary hardware to easily affix to the front of your mower.

Hour Meter


To ensure that your lawn tractor is always in tip-top shape, an hour meter is essential. Hour meters help record your lawn tractor’s usage by measuring its engine run time. The average lawn tractor will last around 1,500 hours or more if well maintained, so it’s important to keep track of your machine’s run time to know when it may need a tune up or some maintenance help. If your machine does not have one, make sure to keep a tally of how much you’ve used it.

Gas Gauge


A gas gauge shows you how much fuel your lawn tractor has in its tank so that you can know when it needs a refill. To ensure your machine’s tank is never running low, it’s best to opt for a one that has a gas gauge that’s visible while driving so you don’t get stranded in the middle of your lawn unexpectedly.

Engine Size


If you plan to add a hauler, snow blade or snow blower attachment to your lawn tractor, it’s important to consider your engine size. A larger engine generally won’t mean an increase in speed, but it will make sure that your lawn tractor can keep up with the tasks you want it to perform. If you want to mow a larger area faster, you’re better off looking at the size of the deck.

Deck Engagement


Cutting blades on lawn tractors have safety features that prevent them from automatically spinning when you start it. In order to engage them, you would use a mechanical lever or an electric push-button. When choosing a lawn tractor, ensure that your lever mechanisms are easy to maneuver and reach from a comfortable sitting position.

We also recommend that you check your lawn tractor blades regularly. Cutting your yard with a dull blade can create a ragged cut that will result in your grass turning brown. Make sure that you sharpen your blades as needed to get the best cut.

Transmission Types – this is a pretty deep topic and there are some excellent guides that dig into the details of different transmission types. A few of the main options you should be aware of are listed below.

  • Gear-Style Transmission – gear-style transmissions allow you to move a lever to change speeds to switch from forward to reverse.
  • Continuously Variable Transmissions – continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) come in two different styles, one has a foot pedal to regulate speed and a manual shift lever to switch from forward to reverse. Other models do not use a shifter, instead they have forward and reverse pedals. Test drive different styles to find out which works best for you.
  • Hydrostatic Lawn Mower – a hydrostatic transmission works similar to that of an automatic car and provides the smoothest ride, specially for those that need to work around flower beds and trees.

Mow In Reverse Control


Mowing in reverse is inherently unsafe. Therefore lawn tractors have safety features that will prevent the machine’s operation the instant you shift into reverse. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to mow in reverse.

There are two ways that a machine with a reverse feature will permit the operation of your lawn tractor while it is in reverse mode. One is turning a key to the reverse position, and then turning it again when you want to go forward again. The other, is to continuously hold a button while you are mowing in reverse.


Mulching Kit


To ensure that your lawn is at its healthiest state, a mulching kit is an ideal accessory to own. Mulching kits cut your lawn’s clippings and debris into finer pieces, redistributing them back into your lawn as a natural fertilizer. Like a bagger, mulching kits help keep your lawn tidy but with the added benefit of enriching and beautifying your lawn as well.



Lawn tractor carts make your landscaping chores much easier. They save you time and back pain by eliminating the need for you to carry around heavy items around your lawn or push a wheelbarrow. Your lawn tractor hauler is perfect for transporting garden soil, manure, tools, equipment and many other of your common supplies.

Lawn Sweeper


A lawn sweeper is an accessory for a lawn tractor that will automatically sweep up leaves. This type of accessory is a lifesaver if you have lots of trees and a big lawn as it will save you time and energy from having to pick up leaves, debris and pine needles. Lawn sweepers are easier to navigate through wet grass than baggers and are also designed to clean heavy debris from lawns.

Snow Blower Attachment

To really get the most out of your lawn tractor, opt for a snow blower attachment. Snow blower attachments can help you clear any unwanted snow, allowing you to use your lawn tractor year-round. Some attachments like a 3-stage snow blower attachment can run up to 25 percent faster than a traditional 2-stage snowblower and have the ability to clear up to 18” of snow. Make sure to understand the features of your snow blower attachment before making a purchase.

Sunshade and Snow Cab


Purchasing a sunshade or a snow cab for your lawn tractor is particularly useful if you plan on using your machine during harsh weather conditions. On the one hand, a sunshade will protect you from direct sunlight while still letting airflow through the sides. On the other, a snow cab provides complete protection from wind and snow while still maintaining full visibility.

These are some of the top features and accessories you can look for when buying a lawn tractor. For additional, detailed information on other lawn tractor features and accessories, make sure to check out cubcadet.ca.