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A Tropical Melon Perfect For Winter Season


If you keep in storage this Asian, exotic melon during the winter season, you will enjoy in delicious soups, and curries. Even you could make candies from winter melon.

This winter melon (Benincasa hispida) is also known as an ash gourd, wax gourd, and ash pumpkin.While the melons are in the phase of grow, they might look like giant cucumbers, but when it gains full grow you will recognize this Chinese melon.


This type of melon developsa fine, white, waxy coating for the winter season and storage. If you storage Chinese melon at normal temperature, it can last for several months. Waxy coat on the plant protectsit from different diseases during winter storage. If you want to eat homegrown during the cold months this is the perfect option and plant for you.

The process of maturation for winter melons take approximately 90 days. You must pay attention to the climate zone where you are growing winter melons. If you have a shorter growing season and northern climate, before the soil has warmed up, you should move indoor your melons.

All over the Internet, you have the tutorial for how to builda trellis in a specific style for successful growing of winter melons. This kind of melon can reach weights more than 20 pounds and be real giants. You can use all kind of bags, or plastic sack to support this big melon on a trellis.


This is not a typical veggie in western cuisine, but in Asian countries is very popular, Asian people use it in soups, stews, and curries. It is very well known Vietnamese soup canh bi dao and coconut kumbalanga curry in India. In China, they cook pork and barley stew with winter melon.

Some cooks even make crunchy candies with the mineral lime from this melon. Like every other seed, the seed of winter melon you can buy online.