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Why You Should Grow Indoor Plants


Gardening is a beautiful hobby – it is relaxing and beneficial for your health as you get to spend more time on open air and enjoy the sun. And of course, you get tasty vegetables and fruits, or beautiful flowerbeds décor as a result. But, what can you do once the winter comes and plants cant grow outside anymore? Well, although people would give up and simply wait for spring, there is a solution.

Believe it or not, you can grow almost any plant indoors – including tasty vegetables and fruits. It just takes a few things like space, lights, temperature controller, and growing medium to be successful. There are numerous benefits to growing indoor plants – both health and décor ones. Plants lighten up your house and make everyone feel more pleasant and relaxed.

Let’s take a look at why you should grow indoor plants and what do you need!

The Benefits Of Growing Indoor Plants


First of all, indoor growing is less time and energy demanding. You don’t have to spend hours pulling out the weeds or watering and replacing the soil every few weeks. Especially if you are using the hydroponics system you don’t have to stress about the soil at all – you only need a good container, filtered water, a water pump, and a complete growing solution. Along with that, you can do it whole year long – seasons don’t matter when it comes to indoor growing. Also, you will not have almost any pest problems unless your door and windows are open all the time.

As of the health benefits, there are numerous as well, but before that let’s just say that your house will be much more enjoyable with indoor plants there. Indoor plants are a great décor, and even an empty room will look nice with plants in it. Along with that indoor plants improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide, increasing humidity and regulating air temperature levels. And also plants do have a trait of reflecting noise, so if you live in a busy suburb the outdoor noise might actually be less!

How To Grow Indoor Plants


1. The first and main thing (unless you want to use the hydroponics method) is getting the right soil. Once that is done plant your indoor plant in a suitable-sized container. Your plants might be repotting after a time so be prepared for that.

2. Along with that, unless you can put your indoor plants on a window sill be sure to get artificial LED lights that will give your plants all it needs. Investing in high-quality lights will pay off numerous times. Still, there are some plants like Philodendron, Dracaena or Peace Lilly that don’t need as much light. Of course, it is up to you deciding which one you will grow!


3. Getting some of the best grow tents out there is a good thing to do as this assures the right environment for your plants. Once you go to a gardening store consult with an expert on what grow tents are the most suitable when it comes to indoor growing.

4. Don’t forget – composting and watering on a regular basis is still a thing, but you will be spending less time on it than you would do outdoors.

5. Last, but not least it is important to know what are the main reasons for an indoor plant to die and keep away from doing the same. The first reason is neglect – although it asks for less time and energy than the outdoor plant you should still regularly nourish your plants. With saying that it is important that you don’t overwater the plants and that the pot has drainage holes for the excess water. Also, as mentioned above light is a huge factor – depending on what plant you pick (Dracaena, Peace Lilly, Palms, Succulents, Ferns, Pothos) it will need more or less light. Consult with an expert and provide just the right amount of natural or artificial light source!



As you can see indoor growing isn’t hard at all and you can reap many benefits out of it. Whether you decide for growing certain vegetables and fruits, or simply beautiful décor plants, it will be an enjoyable process, and it is a thing worth investing in!