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5 Benefits of Getting Drain Cleaning Services Regularly


The drain of your kitchen or bathroom sinks starts giving signs of soon-to-be clogs. Either you find yourself plunging the toilet more often, or the water drains characteristically slow, the signs are there always. But for us, being busy with life usually pays zero to less attention to them, until finally, the drain doesn’t work anymore. Well, the next time that happens, find reputable plumbing companies in your area; companies with certified technicians such as New Canadian Drain & Plumbing, would come to your place and get your drain to do its job.

You must choose experts for this job since the drainage system is something we use so commonly that we don’t even realize it. Getting it done from professionals ensures that these problems don’t return in a short time so that you can save money.

If you are still not convinced why you need to get drain services at your home, well then, we have curated this list to satisfy you.

5 Reasons why you should get your drains cleaned right now!


1. Professional and reliable drain cleaning eliminates nasty odors

Just for once, think about everything that goes into your kitchen or bathroom drain. From hair to scum and other organic materials from your bathtub or kitchen. Then there is dirt, grime, and additional nasty stuff washing down your kitchen sink. And I don’t think I need to mention what goes down the toilet.

When minor clogs start building in your drain, this stuff gets stuck in those pipes. Imagine hair getting stuck in your bathtub drain and dirt getting stuck in your kitchen pipe drain and that stuff getting stuck in your toilet drain. Since all this stuff is more or less organic, bacteria starts munching on them and hence starts the process of degradation. And this process, by the way, is not something filled with rose fragrance. This process releases nasty odor creeping up your drain and ruining your mood when all you are doing is enjoying a gentle bath in your tub.

When you get your drains cleaned right on time, all this stuff is washed down the drain as it should have in the first place. Now, every time you take a shower, you wouldn’t have to cover your nose. Shower peacefully.

2. Reduces the chances of a clog

Caution, I will be asking you to imagine something nasty, something that no one should have to believe, but for getting this point across, I need to do that.

Now, if by reading that line, you are already convinced then move to the next point, or better yet, dial a plumber right away.

Imagine this building up everywhere, you would not be able to wash your hands, which is so crucial in times like these, or you wouldn’t be able to remove your dishes or take a bath. Why should you go through this? Do yourself a favor and get your drain cleaned already.

3. Protect Walls and Floors from damage


When water overflows from your sinks or toilets, another thing they ruin along with your mood is the walls and floors. Your walls and floors were not designed to take a hit like that. You would not want the water to seep inside your wallpaper and ruin it, trust me. If it continues for a few days, then you are inviting mold into your house and living there without paying rent.

Moreover, exposure to bacteria and fungi of this kind can severely impact the health of your family. From infection to death, these microorganisms are known to give you everything and then take away everything. It is beyond me that you would put yourself through this. But if I have been able to change your mind, then get in touch with the best drain cleaning company in your city.

4. It saves you money

Why wouldn’t anyone want to make a quick buck and who doesn’t want to save a quick buck? Well, if you do, then here is a tip for you;

One reason why people don’t get a plumber is that they are afraid of the high rising costs of a plumber. What these people fail to realize is, getting regular cleaning services your drains is far more affordable than calling a plumber when the problems arise.

Moreover, if you see the symptoms of a clogging drain and yet do nothing about it, then that clog might run down the pipe underground and then no plumber can work without an earthmover.

You can do the math and calculate the costs in the scene where an earthmover is involved. You can also do the math and compare the prices when you call a plumber when the drains are clogged as compared to regular cleaning.

5. Keeps your pipes healthy


When chemicals, grease and other materials get stuck in your pipe for an extended period, then they can affect the health of your pipeline. When I say affect the health of your pipe, I mean, corrosion and leaks.

You must have experienced a leak and corrosion before, do you want to experience it again in your bathroom attached to your bedroom or in your kitchen? I thought so.

So get your drains cleaned up today and protect your pipes against corrosion and leaks. When maintained properly, these pipes can last till decades, but if you want to get them changed every year, be my guest. But I hope you don’t want that since they cost a lot.