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Road To A Perfect Cup Of Coffee


Becoming a perfect coffee guru could be a useful trait, one that will manage to keep you energized throughout the day.

Most people require not one but two cups of coffee during the day because the first one wasn’t enough. However, if you manage to make your coffee just right, you won’t need to make another one.

It’s a well-known fact that some people need coffee in the morning so that they can set the mood throughout the day. While we’re all tempted to have our coffee made by a barista, it can be quite expensive if we do that every day.

In this article, we are going to explain the road to a perfect cup of coffee. This article is going to teach you how to make your own cup of coffee in the morning whether that’s using estate-grown brew or from the supermarket blend.

How to Make the Perfect Coffee


Namely, there are three main ways of making good coffee at home. In this guide, we suggest you use 15 grams of coffee for an 8-ounce cup.

1.    Pour Over


The first method is arguably one of the most common and delicious ones.

  • Start by bringing water to boil in a kettle
  • Use fresh coffee beans and make sure to grind them equally so that each one has a similar consistency
  • Put a filter in the brewer and pour in hot water in order to remove the papery compound of the filter. This warms up the brewer, subsequently keeping your coffee hotter for a longer period of time
  • As soon as the waters hit a temperature between 195 F and 205 F, pour enough water before the coffee begins to drip through. This is a process called “bloom” and it allows the coffee to de-gas
  • Pour the remaining water until the dripper reaches a ¾ full. Remove the filter and enjoy your cup. This entire process takes 5-6 minutes.

2.    French Press


The French Press method of making coffee will make you feel like a proper European.

  • Again, bring water to boil in a kettle
  • Grind the coffee beans consistently; the coffee beans should be uniform in size
  • As soon as the water hits a temperature between 195 F and 205 F, add it to the French press and start stirring. After about 4 minutes, slowly plunge the French press in order to separate the grounds from the coffee itself
  • Enjoy your European-style made coffee

3.    Drip


Your greatest ally on a hectic morning is the drip method of making coffee. Depending on the coffee machine, you could end up making up to 10 cups of coffee during a single make.

  • Grind the coffee beans evenly and place them into a filter. Place the filter into the drip machine and swivel water
  • Pour fresh and clean water into the back of the machine and activate the machine
  • The coffee is done as soon as the bubbles stop. This process takes a few minutes and beware not to over brew it because it could leave you with a burning taste.

Extra Tip: Buy Fresh Beans

In order to make the best coffee possible using any of the above three methods, make sure to buy fresh coffee beans from your local roaster.