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4 Things You Should Absolutely Have on Your Farm


When you finally decide to move out of town and live in a more remote place where you want to be more self-sustainable, you will have to properly prepare for such a lifestyle. If you want the land that you have bought outside of the city to become your farm, you will quickly realize that the transition is not as easy as you thought. If you plan on getting livestock and start planting various plants to get skilled in gardening and to enrich your garden with fruits and vegetables, you will definitely need a couple of different tools.


When you first get to your brand new home and farmland you will realize that your regular sedan will not be enough to drive along the bumpy and dirt roads that surround your new house. You will also realize that your old toolbox with a couple of screwdrivers is simply not enough to lead a sustainable life in such a place. So, if you do not plan on returning back to the city anytime soon, you will have to equip your farm with quite a few things to make your life a bit easier.

Sure, all that equipment, tools and constructions no your farm can be quite expensive at first, but you should look at them as an investment and not just aimlessly spending money. Keep in mind, you won’t have to buy everything in one go as most farmers have been acquiring these things over the years. Buying everything at once can be very costly which is why we recommend that you first do a bit of research before you finally make your purchase. A patient buyer will always acquire the most quality no matter what the product.

Here are some of the things you should absolutely have on your farm.

Give up your car


Before moving outside of the city you probably had a regular sedan or hatchback which makes sense since they are much easier to drive along the city’s streets. Sadly, you probably won’t have the luxury of driving on concrete when living on a farm which means that you will have to give up your car for something that can handle all those dirt roads. An SUV will not do the job, so it is time to finally get yourself a pickup truck.

A truck is not only a long-lasting investment but is probably the most versatile type of vehicle, especially if you plan to use it for your needs while living on a farm. If you plan on upgrading your land with a bunch of different construction such as a chicken hen, wooden shack, etc, you will definitely need a vehicle that will be able to haul heavy equipment, building materials or firewood all while driving on a dirt road. With a low clearance vehicle, there is a good chance that you will get stuck in during the rainy days, especially if you have a heavy load.

Keep in mind, a truck can be quite expensive if you plan to buy it brand new, but if you take care of it properly by changing the oil, doing two or three checks every 12 months, it will surely last you for a very long time. You should also consider getting a second-hand truck as they can be bought for cheap and fixed up in its original state for even less.

A deck box for your porch


The first few days that you will spend on your farmland, you will soon realize that the most you will be doing is sitting out on your porch and just enjoying the weather while looking over your land.

However, getting inside every time you need something can be quite a chore and you will even drag in mud or dust into your house. If you do not want to clean up the floors every time you get inside of your house, why not invest in a deck box for your porch where you will be able to store anything you want? A deck box is a type of storage where you can store just about anything. Do you want your tools to be always near you? Put them in the deck box. Do you want to keep a few beers cold? Put them in the deck box.

Before you purchase one, we recommend you learn more about all the different types of deck boxes available.

All-terrain Vehicle


Have you noticed that every neighbor you have around your house has at least one type of vehicle that can quickly get around the dirt roads? Well, they have already learned their lesson that even the truck is not as versatile as ATVs or dirt bikes. So, instead of learning your lesson the hard way why not get yourself an ATV preemptively?

Not only will you be able to get to the nearest hardware store in just a few minutes with these very versatile utility vehicles you can also use them as a tool to work on your land. You can use them to mow your lawn (if you have such an attachment), make a path through the snow in the winter season, carry heavy equipment across your land and many other uses.

Yes, a truck can handle most of the bumpy roads you can find on the farm, but sometimes the pickup can be too big for the roads and you might even damage part of your garden or scare your livestock. A dirt bike or an ATV is small, quieter and versatile, so you will not have any problem going through your garden without destroying anything.



What kind of a farm does not have at least one barn? Everything that you want to stockpile through the winter or if you want to keep your livestock warm and safe from rain or snow, then you will need a barn. You can use it as a storage to stack up on hay or other farm supplies that you will need in the future.