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Find Out Easy Tips For Drain Cleaning


It is always important to clean our drains at regular intervals. This is because, if not cleaned properly, it will lead to many catastrophic issues like unpleasant odors, pooling of water in bathrooms etc. These are the indications of a big issues of clogging and if not repaired properly, it will lead to a completely blocked pipes or entire sewer. In order to prevent all the above things, these have to be kept clean and hygienic. In this plumbing services related content, we are going to see some of the preventive measures to prevent such a drastic damage and prevent any further health issues. For additional support you can seek help online on sites such as https://newcanadiandrain.com/


Simple Methods for Drain Cleaning

Some of the following methods can easily sort out the block issues before leaving it to big problems:

1. Hanger Wire

A simple, regular shirt hanger can be more than sufficient. Bend and twist the hanger to get a straight shape as long as possible. At the end, create a small bend to act as a hook for proper holding. After this, open the drain and drop the hanger into its hole. With the hook top, take out as much as trash you can. After some amount of cleaning, run water through it and clean the sewer way thoroughly.

2. Kitchen Remedy


With ordinary kitchen goods, we can get rid of this drainage issue. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda in a cup. Immediately, pour through the pipe. It will fizz and help in removing the accumulated dirt, hair etc. in the pipe. You can clean it after 2 or 3 hours or either overnight using hot water. If mixing is impossible, pour both the ingredients into the sewer pipe and follow the same.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

If a vacuum cleaner is available in your house, it is more than enough. Use both the wet and dry modes to suck out all the drains from its hole. With the highest power setting, the entire drain can be sucked up into the vacuum bag.

4. Hot Water

It is one of the easiest and cheapest methods to clean the clogs in the drain pipe. Boil the water as much as you can. Then it should be poured into the pipe slowly for two or three times. There should be a right time interval between each time in order to make the water set down well. Without any expensive equipment or paying hefty charge to cleaners, this one works well to get rid of the issue.


5. Pipe Cleaning

It is one of the most difficult methods of cleaning. An empty vessel should be placed below the pipe for collecting the water. Then the pipe connecting the basin and drain should be removed slowly using a wrench so that all the clogged water will be falling into the vessel. In addition, a cleaning brush or old toothbrush can be used to clean the interior sides of the hole. Finally pour some hot water through it in order to complete the process.

In order to quickly get rid of the clogged drain issues through inexpensive and easier means, keep in mind the above points and have a clean bathroom and thus a healthy surrounding.