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Top 5 Questions to Ask to See if Your Carpenter is Up for the Job


Every company in the world has developed its way of making sure that the candidate has all the right skills and qualifications for the position they offer. Usually, these tests compile of an interview, and some additional checking, if there is a need for that. This is a highly important step before the decision about hiring someone is made. If we are talking about constructions, this is something that becomes even more complex.

Since there are a lot of different positions need be covered for every part of the project, every manager and HR need to be prepared for a lot of different conversations. Today, we would like to talk about construction companies who specialize in carpentry. In case you have an interest to check some of these out, take a look at JVK & Sons. For a specific field of work, there are different set of questions staff needs to ask in order to determine if the candidate is proper for the job. Now, we would like to provide you with a couple of questions that should be asked a carpenter. Without further ado, let us begin.


1. Any Professional Affiliations?

In case you didn’t know, carpenters can work freely without having any kind of special licenses. This is much different approach from many other positions. So, in order to check if the candidate is fit for the job, its needs to be understood if the candidate has some skills is if he or she is registered in any kind of professional bodies.

These are professional affiliations and industry bodies, where carpenters register themselves. It’s essential for them to have a certain level of skill, if they want to register themselves in one of these.  So, you can be sure that taking a look at their skills is a pretty easy thing to do. The only thing manager needs to do is to check what is the professional body the person in question is registered, and what kind of work has he done while being registered at one of these.

2. What Kind of Machinery Have You Used?

When asking this question, you can determine if the candidate has the experience with working on many different machineries essential for this kind of work. We can see that this working on some of these is a perfect opportunity to obtain some new skills. Therefore, it’s an absolute must to check if the person interested in a position has this kind of skills.

In case the person you are talking with doesn’t have any kind of experience of working at these, its not likely that he or she will be able to develop essential skills further since there are no skills in the first place. Therefore, this remains to be one of the most important questions you can ask. However, it should be said that this question is crucial only if your company has the need for this kind of staff. If you don’t have any kind of machinery in your production part, then you don’t really have the need to ask this.


3. Do You Respect Deadlines?

It goes without saying that it could happen that some situation requires a lot more time to resolve than others. At the same time, sometimes working under pressure of the deadline can have a negative effect on the worker. This question is an absolute must since you will be able to determine how responsible the worker is for certain situations, and does he or she respect deadlines. Since these are pretty important in big companies due to large projects they work on, this is a highly important question.

Plus, there are some situations where something unexpected can happen. When we say this, we mean about situations that can’t be prevented either by workers and management. So, working under pressure is something that can be encountered very often. Therefore, asking the candidate and seeing how well can he perform under pressure will help you determine if you actually can count on his responsibility and skills during the uncertain times. We can say that learning these details in invaluable.

4. What is Your Best Work So Far?

This is highly important question since this the best way you can see what is the potential of the candidate and how far he can go in terms of quality. At the same time, you can see what are the weaknesses. This knowledge will help you to project the image of this candidate in the future. Surely, if we are talking about a younger person, you can see how good he can get over time. If there isn’t any potential, you shouldn’t think about hiring that person.

Plus, by taking a look at some of the candidate’s best work, you can create an opinion about the overall quality of the candidate, both as a professional and a co-worker. By determining if we are talking about a team or a solo player. Furthermore, you can ask him about his wishes and goals in order to see which one of these you can use in order to make him better by providing the necessary devices and literation of upgrading all of his skills.


5. Are There any References?

One more thing you should be aware of is there are any references you can take a look at. It goes without saying that you can conduct a research online and see if there are any. However, we believe that this is a great question you can ask directly. If there are any, you can be sure that you will receive an honest answer since nobody will hide something positive from their professional background, you can be sure of that.

You can be sure that every proper candidate will have a prepared answer to this question due to all the positivity that can be used from this one. Therefore, you shouldn’t be scared about asking this kind of questions. It will both help you to check if there is an actual quality behind the story you will receive from the candidate.