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Would You Like to Learn More About Urban Gardens?


Read the text below if you are interested in learning more about urban gardens!

What is an Urban Garden?


Before anything let’s see what an urban garden is. The point of an urban garden is that it fits into a smaller space, it can have many forms.

If you are a person who has a patio, a small piece of ground or a rooftop you could make a raised bed. But since the whole thing is above ground even a piece of concrete will work.

Another way you can incorporate an urban garden into your modern home is if you have a porch where you can hang baskets with different plants. A popular choice for that is flowers but also salad greens and tomatoes and even strawberries.

Then we also have window boxes that are best if put out in front of your south-facing window. This is a great option because it doesn’t take up any extra space.

Ideas for your Urban Garden


The most typical urban garden design centers around what you put your plants in. The containers come in all shapes and sizes and they are very portable, containers are the definition of versatility. Any outdoor space you have on your property, like a rooftop or terrace, can be filled with containers.

Because they a very convenient and portable you can switch them every season or whenever you feel like it.

If there really is no space on the outside of your home you can put plant containers around your windows, particularly the ones that face south. Just make sure you have something to drain your water into.


If you don’t have much natural lighting but would still like to grow some plants, the way to go are grow lights, they can be used to grow virtually any plant!

If you really want a piece of land that is yours, search to see if your town has a community garden. It’ll greatly expand your growing space and get you to communicate with fellow gardeners who will for sure to have some new urban garden ideas to share.