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Agriculture Professionals Meet at the 2024 World AG Expo

The American farmer is strong. Even though their numbers have been diminishing year over year, the amount of food they produce has increased. One reason they’ve been able to keep up this productivity through advances in agricultural sciences and technology.

If you’re part of the agricultural industry, then there’s an event coming up that you must attend.


The World AG Expo will take place at Tulare, CA in California’s International Agri-Center. It is the country’s largest event focused on agriculture, technology, and animal science. This year, you’ll find nearly 1,500 exhibitors. More than 100,000 people are expected to attend the event that begins on the second Tuesday in February. The Department of Commerce recognizes the World AG Expo as an official partner of its Foreign Buyer Program. The mission of the program is to encourage the production and export of agricultural goods from America. The World AG Expo was previously known as the California Farm Equipment Show before 2001. 

Growth and Opportunity


The World AG Expo was founded in 1968. The inaugural event served 28,000 attendees. The popularity of the event grew rapidly, and it was not long before a new venue was needed. The current home of the World AG Expo, the International Agri-Center, makes more than two and half million square feet of space available to exhibitors. 

The 2024 World Ag Expo will be held on February 11–13 and will include a number of seminars and events of interest for individuals in agriculture. The seminars include information on farming, ranching, producing dairy products, and other issues pertinent to agricultural professionals. General admission for the expo is $15 at the gate, and children under the age of six can attend the event for free. 

Accommodations in Fresno

The World AG Expo has several partner hotels in the area. These include the Piccadilly Inn Shaw, Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant, Quality Inn Madera, and Allegretto Vineyard Resort. Since so many people are expected, either as exhibitors or attendees, these accommodations are filling up fast. 

If the partner hotels are full, there are other great accommodations in the nearby Fresno area. The Hyatt Place Fresno, Wyndham Visalia, and Hotel Piccadilly are all great options, conveniently-located and well-rated. 

Things to Do in Fresno


Attendees of the World AG Expo who are interested in other things to enjoy when not attending the expo will have no shortage of activities to choose from. 

Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center

The Center in downtown Fresno hosts regular trade shows, plays, and concerts. The 2,000-seat William Saroyan Theater and 9,000-seat Selland Arena are among the venues included in the Convention and Entertainment Center in Fresno. 

River Park Shopping Center


Visitors to downtown Fresno will enjoy 75 major retailers, places to dine, and venues for local events in one location at the River Park Shopping Center. The shopping center is located just one mile from the hotel. 

Sal’s Mexican Restaurant

Central Valley, California, is home to some of the best Mexican food in the country. Visitors to Fresno can stop by Sal’s to enjoy a “fancy burrito” or dine on homemade tamales. 

Parma Restaurant

A trip to this Italian restaurant from Fresno is a guaranteed good time. Favorites include the prix fixe menu and pumpkin-filled tortelli. 

Yosemite National Park


World AG Expo attendees who will be in town long enough to have a full day to burn can experience the Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is 1,169 square miles in size and includes the granite Half Dome Formation as well as the Yosemite Falls.