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7 Benefits of Cracked Grains – 2024 Guide

Cracked grains are gaining a whole lot of momentum in a western world that is just now learning the benefits of eating healthier. While health food crazes have come and gone for decades in nations like the US and Canada, the fact is that most of these campaigns were driven almost entirely by sugar companies. It’s unfortunate, but also true that you can look back on diet fads of the past and hear so-called doctors and government officials telling you to get off the fats, the red meats, and the dairy, and to enjoy sugar-laden foods instead. Little did we know then what simple carbohydrates could do to a body. Though we do know now what those carbs do, and they also include pulverized processed grains.

You might not know it, but a bag of bleached, finely ground, store-bought flour acts the same way in your body as does regular sugar. They’re essentially the same thing. Those short, processed bits of grains break down almost instantly and turn to glucose, heavily taxing your pancreas as it creates more insulin to assist the body and leading to myriad negative health issues. Cracked grain, however, is made through a process where grains are cut and crushed into smaller pieces. These grains are minimally processed and act entirely differently in the body. So, if you’re considering an option to buy wheat online, you may want to consider cracked grains. Here are a couple of proven benefits to help you with your choice.

Some Strong Benefits of Cracked Grains

1. Helps to Prevent Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes isn’t caused by the body’s pancreas not producing insulin; it happens when your body’s cells become insulin-resistant. This process takes place when the body has high blood sugar for far too long, usually caused by consuming simple carbs in the form of sugar, corn syrup, and processed grains that have been pulverized and have no “body” left, so to speak. Cracked grains not only break down a lot slower and thus take much longer to turn to glucose, but they’re also packed full of enzymes that contribute to the secretion of insulin and the absorbing of it by the cells. Both are needed, as you can have all the insulin your body can stand, and it does no good at all unless your cells are opening up to devour the glucose. Cracked whole grains assist well in this process and thus help to prevent type 2 diabetes.

2. Helps to Prevent Certain Cancers

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Cracked grains are considered whole grains processed very minimally so that you can use them for cooking and digesting in your body. Therefore, these grains are still very high in fibre and can help the body to prevent certain types of cancers by limiting the number of free radicals you have dancing around in your system. For women, this is a huge benefit and can help to prevent breast cancer. In women and men, the fibre keeps you regular and keeps your digestive system operating well, so it can help to prevent colon cancer. Consuming sufficient fibre is essential, and cracked grains are a great way to get this boost in fibre.

3. Helps to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

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Cardiovascular disease is what happens when the body experiences a buildup of LDL cholesterol, known as “bad” cholesterol. What we’re recently finding out in the medical world is that it’s not those hamburgers that cause it; instead, it’s those hamburger buns, and candy, and sugary sodas, and all of those simple carbs that explode as sugar bombs in the body soon after ingestion. Cracked grains are going to break down much slower, while they also promote healthy cholesterol levels and the decrease of LDL levels. As an added benefit to your heart, the slow-burning carbs and increased fibre also help to relieve hypertension, or high blood pressure, which is another excellent way to keep the heart-healthy.

4. Helps to Reduce the Metabolic Rate

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A lousy diet typically is what causes things like heart disease and diabetes, of course, but it doesn’t happen overnight. What happens is that your body’s metabolic rate changes and becomes much faster, which raises your blood pressure, spikes your resting blood sugar, increases your heart rate, and really causes all of those other problems. Another added benefit you get from cracked grains when you buy wheat online from here: grainworks.com is that you get to slow that process down significantly. By slowing your body’s metabolic rate, you can begin to experience a lot of the other benefits associated with adding this food item to your diet.

5. Helps to Provide Balanced Nutrition

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Knowing what we know now about sugar-laden food and processed grains, you can essentially throw those old food pyramids out the window. The key to balanced nutrition has nothing to do with a jug of yogurt and eating four servings of fruit per day. Most honest medical experts agree that everyone can benefit from items like cracked grains because you’re dealing with grains like wheat that haven’t been overly processed. You’re getting a lot of fibre, tons of enzymes, and a slower metabolic rate due to the gradual release of the glucose.

6. Helps to Lose Extra Weight

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While the keto and low-carb diets may still be fads, a lot of experts say they’re unsustainable because as soon as dieters reintroduce carbs to their system, their systems just revert back again. However, by switching over to cracked grains that are still whole grains, the body can also lose a lot of weight while still burning glucose as energy, as evolution has essentially programmed the human body to do, so it’s much safer and longer-lasting.

7. Helps to Balance Blood Sugar

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Blood sugar is something most people do not think too much about, until which point it gets so high that they become insulin resistant and develop type 2 diabetes, which can lead to heart disease, kidney and liver programs, and so much more. So, the idea behind cracked grains is that the blood sugar level is balanced. Eat a slice of bread made with white flour, and it all instantly turns to sugar and spikes your body’s sugar levels. That same slice of bread made with cracked grains, however, will not cause a spike. It breaks down slowly, over the course of hours, and keeps the body’s sugar levels balanced.

These are just a few of the many different benefits one can experience when they try whole, cracked grains. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from, which means you can easily find something for every recipe and every sort of taste out there.