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Foods that boost your brain for study progress

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Studying needs a lot of energy and that is why you should endeavour to eat healthy for your brain to remain alert. If your body is generally well, then you will find the energy to read and learn unlike if you were not in the full possession of your faculties. Eating healthy helps in keeping your body functioning normally, manage stress and stimulate your mind to take in knowledge and information drawn from your reading sources. Successful writers at EWritingService watch what they eat over and above reading widely to boost their memory for their writing career. Here are some of the foods that help boost your brain for study progress…


Nuts have a lot to do with the health of your heart, which is also connected to your brain condition. Research shows that nuts are helpful in boosting your brain especially when it comes to learning. People who have been taking nuts all their life have been found to have sharp memories hence are helpful for those who want to do well in their studies. They help in slowing memory decline.


Antioxidants and caffeine in coffee or in caffeine pills, such as Vivarin, help your brain to stay alert since it blocks adenosine, which tends to make you sleepy. With coffee, your mood also gets enhanced which is good for studying and this comes with sharpened concentration. This is good for your effectiveness in doing tasks especially on what you are studying. You will not struggle giving it the concentration needed to come out successful.

Bone Broth

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If you know how to prepare it, bone broth is another superfood that will not only enhance your immune system but also help in boosting your brain. The collagen substance present in bones is helpful in reducing intestinal inflammation while the amino acids are helpful in improving memory. The ability to remember things after studying them is important for your progress in whatever thing you are learning.  Bone broth will help you do that.

Fatty Fish

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You cannot talk about brain foods without talking about fatty fish. Good examples include trout, sardines and salmon. These are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Our brains are over 50% made of fat and over 25% of that is the omega-3 type. These fats are useful in building both nerve and brain cells, which ultimately are needed for memory and learning. You need these fatty fish for healthy brains.

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa powder and dark chocolate contain brain-boosting substances that include caffeine, antioxidants and flavonoids. These compounds especially the flavonoids collect in brain areas that handle memory and learning. They particularly slow down mental decline related to ageing. Over and above that, they help to enhance memory. People who eat chocolate have been found to do well in mental tasks over those who don’t.

Final Thoughts

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Eating well is good for your memory and ability to study progressively. Professionals at My Paper Writer services choose what they eat to remain productive in their studying and writing work. The foods discussed here are some of their favourites backed up by research.