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How To Maintain A Healthy Circulation – Food, Herb, And Workouts That Can Help

People tend to forget how complicated our inside body processes are and rather focus only on the outside aesthetics. Circulation being a process in which the heart pumps blood to all organs, delivering oxygen and nutrients, is really important. Maintaining a healthy circulation leads to all kinds of benefits, and protect us from developing serious heart, blood and brain conditions.

Though some people are genetically predisposed to a slower circulation, most of it is in our hands. We are the ones who influence how our heart pumps out blood, and we mostly do it through our daily routine and diet. There are things that do no good to your body in general and especially circulation. All of these can damage blood vessels, and thus seriously threaten your health. In order to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy routine, let’s see what are the causes that bad circulation follows.

The Causes Of Bad Circulation

  1. First and foremost, blood pressure is the main thing that affects your circulation. The recommended rates are 120 mmHg systolic and 80 mmHg diastolic blood pressure.
  2. Along with that, blood vessel health determines your circulation as well. If these are narrowed or damaged you are sure to suffer a slow circulation and with it a number of other issues as well.
  3. Last, but not least it is important to say that bad circulation can be just a symptom of more serious issues such as – diabetes mellitus, heart disease, obesity or a condition that affects your blood health.
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How To Improve Your Circulation

There are several ways on how to improve your circulation by making changes in your daily routine and diet:

  1. First and foremost it is really important to maintain a healthy weight. Studies suggest that obese people have a slower circulation, mostly for the reason that their levels of a protein called adiponectin than of the those who were healthy and fit.
  2. Along with maintaining a healthy weight, it is important to once again express the benefits of exercise – especially cardio. Jogging, swimming or cycling on a regular basis will improve your blood’s ability to dilate and thus deliver oxygen more effectively through your body.
  1. Also, doing yoga is a great way to improving your blood circulation. As yoga includes a lot of stretching, twisting and bending it helps your veins compress and then decompress thus bettering the blood flow. And on top of that, you will feel like a king/queen after a 30-minute session of the same.
  1. Including enough iron in your diet. As iron contains one of the most important proteins for cardiovascular health called the hemoglobin (which carries oxygen), you should take care to eat foods rich in the same (spinach, red meat, some nuts). On the other hand, the levels of iron should be healthy and balanced as too much iron isn’t good either.
  1. There are few foods that you might want to increase the intake of. First of all, citrus fruits are an excellent way to improve the blood circulation by cleaning the blood vessels and thinning the same out. Dark chocolate contains a lot of flavonoids for which is proven that improve blood flow.Along with that, ingredients like cayenne pepper, Ginkgo Biloba, garlic, and ginger root do clean your blood vessels, increase your metabolic rate and thus circulation as well. Also, eating sunflower seeds rich in vitamin E and watermelon rich in heart-friendly lycopene is an excellent choice as well. Last, but not least, including a lot of omega-3 rich fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna is crucial.
  2. The African Way Of Improving Circulation. For centuries the Bangalala tree has been giving many benefits to South African folks out there. Actually, in Africa, it is thought that the Bangalala root is an excellent aphrodisiac as well as it dilates the blood vessels and thus improves blood flow.It is said to be a really powerful tonic and that the Bangalala benefits are numerous. Products from the same have recently arrived in Western markets, and now you can buy – Bangalala powder, Bangalala liquid as well as the Bangalala root that has been dried and prepared for use.


As you can see, there is nothing hard about keeping a healthy circulation and thus a healthy body. It takes only a few changes in your daily routine and diet to achieve it. So, without further ado start implementing these right now!