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How to Match Your Kitchen Tiles and Countertops – 2024 Guide


There is no place like home, and there is no place in home like the kitchen. This statement perhaps best describes the role of the kitchen in our lives, as it is a place where we spend the most time with those we care most about, no matter if it is for dining, preparing food, or just talking and spending quality time with our family members. It is a place filled with memories, and as such, it deserves adequate decorating. It all starts with the tiles and whether they represent a good solution. The kitchen is a cornerstone of every home, meaning that decorating and arranging everything in it deserves our heightened attention.

The importance of natural light


Another important aspect not to forget is the proper lighting. Now, it would be great if your kitchen has a source of natural light, as nothing can replace that, but certain apartments or houses are simply not designed in that way, giving you no room to experiment and further enhance the amount of natural light by adding more windows in different sizes. But even if there is not enough natural lighting, there is a solution, and you just need to pick the colors of both the tiles and countertops carefully. Of course, this is just the beginning, and in order to get to this point, one first needs to match kitchen tiles and countertops. There are several ways to do so, and in this guide, we will provide detailed tips and instructions on this topic.

Do not use many different colors


Yes, picking the colors that you and other family members like the most is always a good solution, as it is you who will spend the most time here, but you need to be careful about that because the solution lies in simplicity, and this couldn’t be more true about mixing and adding colors. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is using too many colors in our kitchen because it can pre pretty challenging to harmonize them all and make it look as we imagined. Instead of that, it is much better to choose three of them that can match perfectly and use them all around the kitchen.

In that way, everything will be perfectly fitted, without worrying that the whole area will be too colorful and unmatched. If we want to have an amazing place to prepare our food, then we need to make the place that is arranged to our liking. That means it is necessary to perfectly coordinate flooring, walls, and the countertop color, and it can be possible only if we decide not to use too many of them. Furthermore, picking the tiles in one color that simply doesn’t match well with the countertops is going to do more damage than good for the overall looks of the kitchen.

Use different materials


One of the best tricks to make the kitchen a real cooking paradise is to use different materials to decorate it. By using different materials, we get different textures, and if everything is matched perfectly, the whole area can look pretty amazing. Tiles are usually made of ceramics but do not worry because we can find various textures, and it can be challenging to buy the best one. Countertops can be made of different materials, which means they come in many different patterns and various colors. Some materials have their original color and texture, and it is necessary to pay attention to every single detail when trying to harmonize every element.

Wood is one of the most favorable materials and because for many reasons. One of them is about the warmth its looks provide, and now, when there are some great wood-effect tiles, finding the best solution for the kitchen has never been easier. Just check out www.emilamerica.com/collections/tiles-effect-wood/, and you will get that classic look along with perfect and ideally shaped tiles for your kitchen that will fit perfectly with any type, kind, and color of the countertops.

Choose the countertop first


In order to reduce the time we would spend on choosing the right mix and a good combination of tiles and countertops, it’s good to know where to start. Namely, countertops play the most important role in the aspect of the looks of our kitchen. That is why, when the primary colors are chosen, we need to decide which part of the kitchen is more important and to pick its color, and that means the countertop or tiles will have one of the main colors from the scheme, and, as we mentioned above, in most cases, that’s the countertop. As for the reasons why, the main one is that it can be made of many different materials with characteristic tones, and it is one of the main parts of the kitchen, which is usually seen first. When that’s settled, it is time to find some shade and texture of the tiles that fit it the most, which is much easier once we know which color is the primary one.

Think about the shapes


Tiles come in various textures, shades, and shapes, and we can use that advantage and show our creativity once we decide to renovate our kitchen or set up a brand new one. Besides being concerned about various shades, we should use the tile shapes to make the whole area much more vivid and interesting, and cooking a real and true enjoyment. They can be found in almost every shape that can cross our minds, and it is up to us to choose the one that suits us the most. For those who are indecisive about which shade to choose, mosaic-shaped tiles can be the best choice because they, in most cases, have more than one color and give us the freedom to arrange the parts as we wish. It’s all about the style we prefer, mixed with our creativity and vision, as, once again, in the end, it’s us who will spend the most time here.