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TV Mount vs TV Stand – Which is Better?


Are you trying to decide between a TV mount or a TV stand for your viewing pleasure? Both options have their pros and cons, and it can be challenging to choose which is the best for your living space.

As we all know, the television is a staple in every home, and where and how it’s placed in the room can affect the overall ambiance and functionality of the space. As technology advances and flat-screen TVs continue to become more affordable and accessible, more and more people are asking themselves which installation equipment works best.

Choosing between a TV mount and a TV stand comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your home. While a TV mount may be a more popular choice, it isn’t always the best for every home, and this article aims to explore both options to help you make an informed decision.

TV Mounts

tv mounts

TV mounts are the common choice among those looking for a modern and sleek look in their homes. They come in options like tilting mounts, full-motion mounts, and other TV lift mounts for carrying different TV sizes.


  1. Saves space: TV mounts are a great way to save room. This is because they enable you to put your TV on the wall. Therefore, it frees up floor space for other furnishings.
  2. Improved viewing experience: Mounting your television on the wall allows you to watch at a preferred angle. Also, it’s possible to adjust the TV as you wish.
  3. Enhanced safety: TV mounts reduce the possibility of the TV being knocked over. Hence, they are a safer alternative, particularly for households with children or dogs.


  1. Installation: Installing a television with a TV mount may not be an activity everyone can carry out. In such cases, an expert will be required, raising the installation costs.
  2. Limited flexibility: It may be difficult to reposition your TV after being mounted on the wall. You need to remove the mount to switch positions.

TV Stands


TV stands are a tried-and-tested, flexible alternative that goes with any decor. They come in a range of forms and designs, such as conventional, modern, and rustic. The following are the benefits and drawbacks of a TV stand:


  1. Easy installation: Most TV stands are installable without the need for special tools or knowledge.
  2. More adaptability: When compared to mounts, TV stands are more flexible. You are able to move them about the room and change the TV’s position.
  3. Additional storage: Many TV stands offer shelves or drawers for additional storage. This makes it easier to arrange your media equipment and accessories.


  1. Takes up more space: If you have a small room, the additional floor space taken up by TV stands may be a concern.
  2. Safety concerns: TV stands may be less safe than mounts. They may easily tumble over, putting children and animals at risk.

TV Mount / TV Side-by-Side Comparison

Feature TV Mount TV Stand
Saves space Yes No
Improves viewing Yes No
Ensures safety Yes No
Installation Difficult Easy
Flexibility Limited More
Allows storage No Yes
Occupies floor space No Yes


Source: woodwaves.com

Both TV mounts and TV stands have their advantages and disadvantages. A TV mount suits you better if your room is tiny and you want to preserve space. On the other hand, a TV stand may be the ideal option if you desire something more conventional and versatile. Your individual needs will ultimately decide which is the best solution for you.