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Window Cleaning Tools and Window Washing Ideas


Window cleaning equipment depends on several factors. For example, a commercial window wash is very different from a residential window wash.

Window or building height also influences window cleaning equipment. Depending on your type of window, maybe one cleaner differs from another.

In other words, multiple factors influence the choice of material for window cleaning. If you are not sure what material used for cleaning your windows, rest assured our experienced window cleaners are happy to answer the question for you.

The materials we’ll discuss here are generally used for any good professional window cleaning, regardless of the specifics of your project. We’ll also give you insider secrets on how professional window cleaners achieve high-quality results with simple tools you can get.

What is the Best Way to Clean Exterior Windows?


1. Prepare your window

Before cleaning your windows, you must always start by removing the dust from them and cleaning the surrounding frames. You will avoid the adhesion of dirt and the risk of duplicating work if you hang your windows while washing your frames after the panes.

2. From outside to inside, from left to right

It is important for an optimal cleaning to start with the maintenance on the outside of the window, then on the inside. You will see the remaining spots better. In addition, opt for a repetitive movement that you will easily remember, from left to right for example, to avoid ironing on the washed surface and thus create new marks.

3. A solution for persistent stains

If you have persistent stains of paint or dirt that need more special maintenance, try this easy-to-do-at-home cleaning solution. Mix 2 cups of water with a quarter cup of liquid dish soap and a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol, then rub with a soft cloth.

What Do Professional Window Washers Use to Clean Windows?


If you want to get professional results with your window cleaning, check out the tools they use. With the right skill, you can get similarly clean windows.


No matter the type of project, whether residential, commercial or industrial, the squeegee is a key part of good window cleaning. Every good professional window cleaner has its own squeegee, because there is nothing better to make sure that you do not leave any traces.

Of course, it is also necessary to have rags to properly wipe off excess water and products, but the squeegee ensures a uniform and streak-free cleaning, no matter the size or shape of your window.

When it comes to essential window cleaning equipment, the squeegee is one of the most important tools.

Other great tools for cleaning windows

Besides the squeegee, there are many other tools that are important for washing your windows. If you’re looking to put together a list of essential window cleaning supplies, here’s what you might have to add to the list:

  • Rags
  • Bucket
  • Scraper, to remove stubborn dirt, and
  • Spray bottle

You might also need an extension stick for your window squeegee if your windows are very high. While using a stepladder can help, it’s safer to get an extension and keep both feet on the ground .

Equipment for cleaning windows at height

If you have a second floor and plan to start washing your windows, get help — never do it alone. Accidents happen quickly, and it’s always best to have someone look after your safety. Even if this is only to make sure that your step ladder is firmly anchored to the ground.

Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you entrust this work to professionals.

The equipment for cleaning windows at height is above all for your safety. In order to wash your windows safely, here are some items of equipment you may need:

  • Ropes
  • Safety harness
  • Scissor lift

Even if you can rent this equipment, it is still recommended to leave this work to an experienced team.

If you have any questions regarding window cleaning equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to discuss with you.

How Do You Clean Windows Like a Pro?


Once you have the tools ready, you’ll want to know how professionals clean windows and get impressive results.

1. Dusting the window frames

This first step is essential to remove dust, dirt and pollution. It consists in dusting the contours of windows with the appropriate material (cloth, wolf’s head, sponge) to prevent these residues from settling on the glass surfaces once they are clean.

2. Dusting the glass

This second step is used to eliminate the main surface residues, which are dust and dirt. The washing will be even more efficient thanks to this pre-cleaning action.

3. Scraping and decreasing

These optional actions are added to dust removal in the case of particularly soiled windows. The fatty masses are eliminated, as well as the dirt (bird droppings, street dirt, etc.).

4. Wetting

The window cleaner plunges their moistener in the cleaning product and applies it to the window from top to bottom to moisten it.

5. Wiping the border of the frame

With a suitable cloth, the service provider cleans the glass surface, which borders the frame to a thickness of 3 to 5 centimeters. This is to prevent dirty water from soiling the woodwork.

6. Scraping

The scraper is then positioned horizontally, starting from the top right side of the window. It is dried between each pass with another clean cloth. The different passage bands must be superimposed to avoid traces and make sure to remove all the dirty water.

7. The finishes

The glass strip which borders the bottom of the glass is again wiped with the cloth to avoid traces and runs. The woodwork might be cleaned if necessary.

8. Polishing

Some professional window cleaners finish by polishing the glass using a suitable cloth. This action eliminates any remaining traces and gets a perfect result.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaking?


Avoid sunny days

Choose to wash your windows on a gray day. The sun dries out the cleaning products used on the windows too quickly, which can leave marks that we would rather avoid.

Use a microfiber cloth

The microfiber cloth is perfect for cleaning windows, because it does not leave traces unlike the rags used, which they leave fibers and unwanted traces. For spotless windows, use 2 microfiber cloths: one to clean and another to wipe off any remaining traces.

Not a fan of the microfiber wipe? Use a squeegee

The rubber squeegee is a tool of choice for many for its ease of use. Apply cleaner to the glass surface, then simply run the squeegee up and down to remove the stains.

Use white vinegar

This is the go-to product for household maintenance, and it is no exception here. For windows, white vinegar is very effective against stubborn dirt, it leaves no trace and would keep flies away. Mix 250ml of vinegar with 250ml of hot water, cleanse and voila! In addition, it is an equally effective trick for your car windows.

Remove the marks on the windows with crumpled newspaper

Crumpled newspaper is an essential grandmother’s trick. The printing ink is an excellent cleaner, and the paper has a very absorbent power, which is perfect for easy cleaning, especially effective, without streaks! Just moisten everything and rub.