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3 Backyard Birding Tips to Help you Attract More Birds


Going on vacation is something everyone of us dream of, during our busy working days in front of the computer and other electronic devices. But while thinking of vacation we are always imagining ourselves in nature, connecting with other nature’s creatures and meditating by listening to sounds around us. Have you ever thought about these sounds? What is so relaxing about them? And would you believe us, if we tell you it’s possible to have your vacation in your very own backyard?

Birds are our little friends who can help us relax our minds and travel to unknown destinations! The effect of birdsong on our brains has been researched by numerous scientists and they came to the conclusion that natural sounds like this can improve our mood and attention. There are even smartphone apps that claim to be a productivity boost tool for enhancing your work results. Certainly, there is a connection between the deep feeling of calmness and peace and the lovely songs of birds around us. Over thousands and thousands of years, people have learned that they are safe while they can hear birds singing, while it’s time to worry when they stop.

Either you’re already familiar with birdwatching or never thought about this until you discovered their beauty, there are some tips on how to always be in good company — of warm, colorful and gentle feathered friends!

Make your backyard an oasis for various species of birds using simple yet effective tips to attract them, and help them with their needs. After you provide them with food, water and shelter, you can grab a drink, sit down and relax! But first, let’s see what are the things you should do:

1. Place a Variety of Bird Feeders


You will make your backyard inviting to birds by simply placing a variety of feeders to see what they attract. Birds are maybe not going to come to your backyard only because of food, but with only a few of them, you can expect there will be a lot more because birds are social creatures and they’ll attract other birds with their song. Since there are various types of feeders, it would be useful for you to do a bit of research on where to start to find your best bird feederĀ wildbirdworld.com. You can feed them throughout the whole year, but you can expect the birds to switch to eating insects only during the summer because that’s when they breed. However, there are also special mealworm feeders that you can incorporate in your bird feeding system. When it comes to the type of bird feed, different seed mixes will definitely attract a lot of different birds which is something you’d want to happen! From sunflower seeds, cracked corn, safflower seeds, peanuts to suet cakes, even fruits! Think of the species you’d love to see every day, and according to that, serve them the most delicious treats you can afford!

2. Protect Them and Make them Feel Secure


Making little shelters to help them stay safe especially if they are in an area they don’t visit regularly is essential for attracting birds to your backyard. Shelters are essential for birds’ survival but at the same time, they offer you a great opportunity for observation. You are also saving their energy to adjust their body temperatures by simply keeping them safe from the wind, rain or snow. If you have options for making them natural shelters you can use trees, shrubs, and grass. But if not, you can make or buy birdhouses, build brush piles or use your garage, deck or other outdoor buildings as their shelter. The important thing you also have to do is to choose native plants whenever possible and plants that require minimal care. When you’ve planted the right plants this will provide a familiar environment for your birds as well as a secure cover for them. They will enjoy spending time in your backyard when they feel like it’s their natural habitat. The right shelter combined with native plants and the right selection of food in feeders, and you can expect birds’ visit in a short amount of time!

3. Make them their Personal SPA

One of the most effective ways to attract birds to your backyard is to provide them with a place where they can drink and bathe. It is easy to achieve this. You just have to buy them a birdbath! Why is it so important? We all know that water is even more crucial for our lives than food. It’s the same for birds. On top of that, they will be attracted to the sound of moving water so you should consider adding some kind of pump into your bath or pool with fresh water. You have to keep birdbaths clean and you have to make sure you don’t let algae grow inside.


It’s good to know that there are also species of birds that don’t eat seeds, but they most certainly love to take baths and drink water. This way you’ll be able to watch them bathing and you’ll help them stay clean and hydrated throughout the summer. Birdbath itself is not expensive but the benefits it provides for both you and the birds are innumerable! However, if you want to give them something special you can install a heated birdbath in your backyard. These baths offer temperature control options so your bath will not be limited only to summer. Instead, birds will be able to enjoy bathing no matter the temperature and time of the year. This will make their lives slightly easier because they will be able to clean themselves whenever they want to, as well as drink water at a reasonable temperature so that they don’t lose even more energy on thermoregulation.

Your backyard can be a hidden gem not only for you but for birds as well. By unveiling the beauty of these wonderful creatures you will enrich your life and do a good deed at the same time. Every morning you wake up you will not only have your natural alarm clock signaling the start of the day, but you will know that the first thing you did today was helping someone else!