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Best Ways to Attract Birds to Your Garden

source: thespruce.com

The amazingly calming activity of bird watching is something that many people can get behind. But bird watching is something that requires hours of scouting and understanding before you can even spot a rare bird.

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However, an excellent way for you to enjoy the company of birds is to attract them to your garden. Birds are scavengers by nature (not that kind of scavenger) and they constantly looking for food.

By attracting birds to your garden you can make it their permanent home. So because of that, we are going to tell you the best ways to attract birds to your garden.

•    Food and Water

source: thespruce.com

Food and water are a necessity of life. Not a soul on this planet can live without food or water. A great way to attract birds to your garden is to provide the little flyers food and water in exchange for their company. But how you do that, you might ask. Well, for the purpose of attracting birds with food and water, you can use an amazing tool called a feeder. A feeder, or bird feeder, is a contraption with little holes on the sides where birds can put their beak and consume the nutritious seeds that you will have put inside. According to the amazing people at birdwatchingbuzz.com, a bird feeder is an excellent way to make new friends, and the birds will appreciate you feeding them.

There is also a very convenient and easy way to provide your birds with much-needed water. For the purpose of this, you can use a birdbath. A birdbath is a mini fountain that you fill up with water where the birds can bathe and drink the water. Your birds will get the hang of it eventually and it will become a routine for them. Be careful the birdbath not to freeze during the winter as it can kill your birds.

•    Make it easy and secure

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If you’re going to be attracting birds, you need to make sure that they will be safe. If they feel safe, they will visit your garden every day. But if they don’t, they might never come again. So for the purpose of security, you need to lower the risk of predators attacking your birds, such as cats and sparrowhawks. Make sure to place the feeders on a location where the birds will not feel threatened and they will have a clear vantage point over the predators. Also, place the bird feeders as far away as possible from the house to avoid the birds colliding in your windows.

•    Let them do all the building

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If you want you can always try to make your garden a permanent place where your birds can live. For the purpose of this, you can always buy birdhouses and build nests. But it’s even more satisfying if you let the birds do the building. It will give the birds a sense of familiarity whenever they enter a nest that they’ve to build, and it will instantly feel like home to them. Provide the birds with all the necessary materials such as hedges, small branches, etc, by scattering them on the ground. It’s an amazing sight to witness a bird building its own home, and one that will make you even prouder of them.