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Duplex Decoration with Garden on the Balcony

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Real estate is a big investment, because over time they are more valued and their value is almost lost in any negotiations. Apartments, on the other hand, because they offer greater security and greater demand from a plot of land, are usually a buyer’s favorite.

Among the differences between standard and high standard apartments, the most prominent feature is its structure, because one of the characteristics of a luxury apartment is having a double right foot, which allows the division of rooms according to their respective functions.

This article discusses, exactly, the duplex apartment model and how to decorate it.

Architectural design is the first step

One cannot start decorating without having a smart floor plan. The smart factory is an appropriate, practical and functional architectural design that divides rooms through two floors, one for public spaces, kitchen or office and another for rooms. Planning is the basic foundation of how you will realize your dream garden later. Without careful planning, your dream garden will only be in your mind, without ever being able to manifest it.

Space must be used very well and walls and doors must be inserted into the project without compromising environmental accessibility.

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For this, you must hire a good architect, who will let everything be optimized so that, after the work is done, you can decorate it calmly. How do you choose the right architect? Of course you need to find as many references as possible; it can be from forums that discuss garden design, from family and people closest and from anywhere. But of course your intuition plays a very important role when it’s time to choose.

Duplex decoration

As mentioned above, in addition to having a high standard apartment, it is necessary to know how to decorate it depending on the available space. Double right leg allows many variations of decoration, but tips that never fail are:

Lighting design with light spots and pendant lamps – to make use of the large space where the top floor starts, it is interesting to use a chandelier that allows greater illumination and uses light spots as supports. Spots also act as decorations for the ceiling and, if properly arranged, provide greater improvement to your apartment. Lighting can display the impression of luxury, which is certainly liked by everyone. There is no difference between the impression of luxury displayed by an elegant garden and Tissot watches for example. The watch company has for decades maintained a luxurious design because they are very attentive to every detail in each product. Every detail in each Tissot product is designed as well as possible, so should your dream garden.

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Stairs in a spiral model or circle model – as in each duplex model, a ladder is needed for upstairs accessibility. Bet on a beautiful spiral staircase, which in addition to being practical, does not require much space for construction. Ladders in circular models occupy a little more space, however, they value the environment by providing a touch of sophistication.

Depending on the space available for your balcony, decorations may be simpler or more luxurious.

Vases are usually large allowing larger plants or even small trees. The key point is to have a large variety of flower and leaf colors. More colorful, more alive and more beautiful.

Nets and chairs can be used to provide greater comfort to the environment, always in a neutral tone to provide more softness to the environment. In this way, there is no way not to feel welcome in this space.

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