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Top 5 Hotel Gardens


Hotels are the main source of accommodation for millions of people when traveling. However, while the inside of a hotel is important, some do enjoy what’s on the outside. One of the things that people enjoy seeing as part of the outside view of a hotel – in the garden. Gardens are wonderful scenic places that offer guests the chance to enjoy the sun while being surrounded by a wide array of flowers, trees, etc. Furthermore, you might get the chance to meet a few little critters such as squirrels, butterflies, birds, etc.

So without further ado, we present to you the top 5 garden hotels in the U.S.

1. San Ysidro Ranch, California


Located in Santa Barbara, California, and just a 23-minute drive from the airport, San Ysidro Ranch is famously known for its gorgeous landscape. The hotel is located in a very wealthy neighborhood, in the famous Upper Village. The hotel is surrounded by high-end boutiques, upscale restaurants, and top-tier spas, so you will have plenty of entertainment if you so choose to roam the village. The hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway, but the main focus is, of course, the garden. The 500 acres of garden are lovingly landscaped with winding plants, organic herb beds, wonderful flowers, and small trees. This is the place where JFK and Jackie went on their honeymoon, and chances are you’ll spot a few celebrities while you’re there.

2. The American Club, Wisconsin


The American Club is a historic hotel that opened in 1918 to house Kohler Co’s employees. The property was converted into a hotel in 1981, and it was one of the most favorite places to visit if you were a Wisconsinites. The hotel preserves its history and that’s evident through the interior. The outside features an amazing and well-manicured courtyards and garden, which were originally established since 1913. With lots of amenities and outdoor activities, The American Club is definitely worth the visit, according to reservations.com

3. Lumeria Maui Retreat, Maui


Onto a place that is more exotic than the rest, the Lumeria Maui Retreat is the perfect hotel destination for a zen-like, elegant, and gorgeous retreat. The gorgeous seaside 7-acre hotel was originally built in 1909, but it was recreated in 2012 with a yoga-centric vibe. With lush Indian textiles, crystals, and Buddha statues, this place is well worth your money if you’re interested in clearing your mind by enjoying the magnificent landscape and ocean view the hotel provides. With plenty of flowers, trees, and even a rock garden, Lumeria Maui Retreat should definitely be on your bucket list.

4. Wheatleigh, Massachusetts


A 22-acre paradise for couples, Wheatleigh is located in the middle of a magnificent garden that goes into every direction. This hotel is the perfect destination if you love enjoying your day out in your garden. Luxury property with tons of amenities, Wheatleigh’s garden was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer of New York’s Central Park. If you love the outdoors, definitely come here.

5. The Palms Hotel and Spa, Miami


An upscale hotel surrounded by palm trees, The Palms Hotel and Spy will make you feel like you’re in Miami Beach. The property is very large and made out of tropical gardens, filled with colonial-inspired architecture. The garden leads directly to the pool, where you can enjoy your day with cold beverages in natural shades. There is also a spa tucked away between the trees where you can enjoy your day chilling with your loved one. A definite honeymoon destination, The Palms Hotel and Spa is well worth the visit.

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