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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Designer – 2024 Guide

Having a garden at home is a privilege, because it is essentially a personal flower garden, which does nothing but cause sensory pleasure with those who admire it. This cozy place can be enjoyed at any time of the year, especially if it is kept in good condition so that the time spent there is always pleasant.


But, the truth is that, we tend to devote more exclusive attention to the house itself, to its interior design, decoration and furniture, and the garden is relegated to a plan in which it is confined to being planted a few flowers, with the regular watering and occasional pruning that can make it look nice and simple, but over time there are drawbacks to plant growth, or the many leaves they drop, plants that dry without reason.

It is not just about doing a little gardening trying to emulate beautiful orchards seen in magazines or instagram accounts, there are so many things that are not mastered in the subject of gardens and their design … like the fact that it is an art … yes! The art of designing gardens is called landscaping.

Well, just as a doctor is consulted in health matters or an architect is hired to remodel the house, a specialized mechanic to repair the car and even an event planner to design and organize the most important celebrations and events of the family, Likewise, the reform and design of a dream garden is the particular skill of a professional landscaper who will undoubtedly create a fresh, original, functional and ecological project to beautify it.

In this article, we detail the reasons why you need to invest in hiring a landscaper and the benefits of letting an expert take care of your dream garden reform.

What does a professional landscaper do?


Landscaping is the art and technique of transforming a land space into a beautiful and welcoming landscape. Even beyond the artistic, it consists of planning, sustainable design and conservation of parks and gardens, with an essential sense of protecting the environment.

A landscaper works on the basis of all those physical and tangible elements, that are capable of being modified, manipulated and intervened for the benefit of the project such as trees, plants, flowers, a hill, a stream, a lagoon, trails , bridges, sculptures, fountains, the geographical and climatic conditions of the terrain and everything that is provided to create a custom-modeled garden, which is not simply ornamental and aesthetic, but represents the work of art of the landscaper.

Why you need to hire one?

1. Design of exclusive gardens “to your measure”

Regardless of whether it is a small or large space, on a small terrace or an interior patio, the professional landscaper is involved and adapts to the taste and style, as well as the values ​​and needs of his contractor; and with a sense of belonging, it adds that extra creativity to work until achieving an exclusive one tailored to those who aspire to have an ideal place at home to enjoy with the family or simply relax away from everyday life.

The dedication to the project he is in charge of, will always be total, from the beginning to the end of the design and construction of the commissioned garden; In addition, a landscaper advises and recommends what types of gardening services are appropriate for the maintenance and irrigation of each one that he creates.

2. Easy maintenance design

A landscaper creates projects based on the request made. If what is required is one that does not require a lot of maintenance, the landscaper can fix this by designing one that corresponds to the climate by planting plants native to the locality, suitable according to the style of the house and the taste of the owners, and also respecting the environment, so that the use of water is reduced, as well as the amount of maintenance both in pruning, lawn cutting and products for pests.

In the long run, a garden created by a pro is much more advantageous than one planted without any planning, because it also allows the execution of it in phases, according to the time and budget availability of the interested party.

3. One suitable for weather conditions

He will assess the position of the house in relation to air currents and winds, to take advantage of it, strategically locating the plants to cool the house during the summer. You will also choose the species of plants suitable that well help to gain light or shade in the interior of the house. This smart distribution of trees, plants, and living bush fences can help reduce the use of heat or air conditioners, in turn reducing service payment costs and saving money.

4. Design with natural pool


Although many people think that making a pool is not too complicated a process, landscape contractors, like BirchMountainEarthworks, say that it is often helpful to meet them before your pool construction begins, so that it fits into your yard in the best possible way. If you want a pool, for example, a landscaper will study the best shape and location of the pool and also advises on the benefits of choosing a natural pool without the use of chlorine or other chemical elements, which requires less maintenance than a traditional swimming pool, choosing for it the suitable plants that are going to be in charge of the purification.

5. Ecological with efficient irrigation system


A landscaper not only thinks about the aesthetic and ornamental design of the garden, but also proposes that design from an ecological point of view, adding if necessary some type of waterproof pavement so that the water is returned to the subsoil, preventing annoying and costly future reforms because inland floods have erupted. The landscaper will also design an irrigation network tailored to each of the fields, surely a drip irrigation system, or programmers using sensors, rather than the option of diffusers and sprinklers, which entail a higher cost of water and by thus, a high billing for the service, when there are certainly plants that require little irrigation, and a poorly designed irrigation system can cause damage to some plants.


Recognizing the importance of hiring a good professional to design green areas, goes beyond thinking that their job is based on choosing plants and placing them. He also projects the composition of all those elements that come into play, seeking to integrate the person with nature, in a harmonious coexistence.