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9 At Home Welding Projects that you can Sell – 2024 DIY Guide


Welding projects seem to have become a kind of trend and more and more people are trying to make money this way. The development of trade methods, new products, and their intensive daily use, as well as the development of new technologies that simplify our lives, certainly have their merit in that.

Now is the right time to start a business and start this project and turn your dreams into reality. It seems that it has never been easier and that you have never needed less funds. However DIY welding project may not seem easy to you, but it may be easier than you think. If you are the one who wants to try it, we have a couple of suggestions for you. Through the rslonline you can learn how to start your DIY welding business.

What exactly is it?

This is much more than a utilitarian activity. Welding in this case is a very creative, but on the other hand a cost-effective option. All you need in addition to creativity are the necessary skills. This way you can create works of art, get rid of old things and thus earn extra money in an easy and creative way.

Places where you can sell your products are various (craft fairs, flea markets, retail outlets or on the internet platform – when more people know about your business, you can use it and thus introduce online ordering and increase earnings).

Decide which welding projects you are good at and really like working on. As you do this on a daily basis, you will gain more experience. So start today with a few large items that you know will look good on you and will have an attractive design. Just don’t forget about safety. You need protective equipment, especially a welding helmet. Visit welding.com.au to see how welding helmets look like.

Ideas for DIY projects which you can sell:



This product is not difficult to make since you just have to weld metal pieces into frame. Make it so that it has 4 legs that connect down to the frame and so it will be stable enough to withstand a large load, and on the other hand it will move easily.

2. Antler shed trap


The shape of this trap is similar to the previous project. The difference is that this is a deer trap, so you don’t have to hunt. The purpose of this trap is for the deer to get its horns stuck in it.
Flat metal plates and a frame in which they are joined are the basics of the project. Keep your trap in the shape of a triangle, and the upper and lower frames should be connected with strips that can be removed, but which are strong enough to hold the prey. When the hunting season begins, you will best see the results of your work by keeping the deer trapped or running away. Certainly there will be many people interested in buying this from you.

3. TV trays


We have another seemingly similar idea for you, but with a significant difference. The difference is that this table is intended for TV, laptop, etc. This table is called “side” and because of its C shape it can be adjusted anywhere, and on the other hand it requires minimal effort during welding – which is good if you are a beginner.

4. Doorbell


Let’s go back in time for a moment… Be unique and make a doorbell but of the 21st century! If you are not sure what it should look like, search the internet and you will surely find more shapes of this fantastic item. The good thing is that it can be placed anywhere in the exterior and thus contribute to a better appearance of the space.

5. Firepit


There is nothing simpler than a fireplace. This is a detail that will change the atmosphere of each room and bring warmth to it. This makes it highly sought after. In addition to its appearance, the advantage of this project is also the minimal consumption of materials. You can certainly adjust the size to your needs, but any steel plate 2 mm thick will certainly do a good job.

6. Firewood rack


If you are already making a fireplace, it would be good to make a place for storing woods. You can even sell this together as a set, whatever. This stand should contain two metal bars distorted in the shape of a letter – U. It is they who need to be welded and thus become carriers.

7. Serving carts


Make a metal movable mini bar. Play with storage space and insert materials you have or think would go well with your idea.
Our suggestion is, for example, to make a movable bar on two levels, and decorate the storage space with wooden surfaces.

8. Coat stand made of horseshoe


Many believe that the horseshoe is a symbol of happiness. So, bring luck to somone and connect a few horseshoes or weld them. Then add hook to the horseshoes so that you can hang jackets, coats, etc. This will only take you a few minutes and is very useful.

9. Metal trellis


This is a great thing if you are not sure if you have enough material. The most important thing is that the flowers have a stable, flat surface on which they can stand. That means you can do it on 2, 3 or more levels.

This will delight people who are engaged in gardening, so it would be ideal if it looked nice. Add a finally touch by stealing this open frame, for example, from the roof.


Do not forget about the source of the material. Great if you start selling, but the last thing you want is to start taking orders and then you run out of work materials. When purchasing materials, pay attention to the supplier or any other source from which you receive the material.

Our advice is to make multiple copies of each design you choose that you want to sell. If you have already invested time and effort, be creative and consistent with yourself and constantly look for new creations.

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