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6 Warning signs your Gutters are Clogged


When you think of cleaning your house in the fall, you usually think about things that you watch every day. Still, a house or building has a lot of hidden things that need to be checked and that is of crucial importance for their proper functioning. One of those things we rarely remember is gutters.

Gutters are certainly a very important part of any building. They ensure that the accumulated water plums and does not retain on the roof. If it stays there, be sure that the water will penetrate the interior of your home as well and make an even bigger mess. It is for this reason that regular maintenance of gutters is crucial for a healthy house. At least once a year, the gutters should be inspected, cleaned and everyone should be disposed of congestion. Gutters are mostly placed very high and around the perimeter of the building, so we don’t know about their condition very much unless we devote ourselves to informing about them in detail. In addition to the gutters themselves, it is important to analyze the environment as well we could guess what problems might arise.

If, however, we do not pay enough attention to them or we are surprised by the early rains, there are a few signs that indicate that the gutters are installed wrong. Read the following 6 warning signs your gutters are clogged and focus on the important things.

1. Physical damage to the drain


The first thing you should do is go outside the facility and try to see if it exists distortion of any kind on the drain. If you see that there are certain irregularities on your gutter, it is reason enough to go up the stairs and tools. Excessive blockage very often happens to be large creates cracks. Any irregularity in the gutters can be a potential place for non-standard clogging. Heavy rain or melting snow could put extra pressure. That leads to weakening or cracking of the groove holding the gutter itself. If you see something like this, we recommend that you call experts immediately, so that you don’t make it even bigger problems. Experts at www.gutterspecialists.co.uk warn that things are not at all simple and you should better don’t underestimate them.

2. Nightmare: water on the walls

As much as you think gutters are a side issue in your home, you may be surprised. Imagine a situation where you have just painted your living room and already after the first rain you see changes in the walls. The sea of stains that appear on the ice, and water leaks are everyone’s nightmare the host. Even the slightest moisture can cause dark spots and cause you big problems. They are gutters that deserve to keep your facade and interior walls dry. If you notice the first signs of moisture, get it right away throw in a gutter cleaning job. Better prevent until the water damages your walls.

3. Water overflows the canopy uncontrollably


If you notice that every time it rains or the snow melts you have small waterfalls from your canopy, it is clear to you that you have a problem. Your gutters are calling for help. Waterfalls are a sign that there is a blockage drain, so the water is squeezed out. It can also be a sign that the gutter has cracked. If you don’t solve these things at the very beginning, know that the problems will only expand and the replacement of gutters is quite a big and expensive process.

4. Your gutter has become a nursery


Of course, we are not talking here about the various plants you can see in your backyard. But still, take a good look. Even the slightest lichen can cause problems. They certainly have no place in the gutter. Plants in your gutters mean that there are certain cracks in them but also other unnecessary dirt. Deposits dry leaves and other arteries brought by the wind may contain the seeds of various plants, which are subsequently very difficult to release.

If you notice something like this, we do not recommend that you try to solve the problem yourself. Not to damage the gutter enamel, it is best to call in professionals for help. They have special equipment and vacuum cleaners for gutters. I can also install nets and protectors for leaves and other vegetation.

5. Unwanted guests


During the summer, the roof and gutters are usually dry, so they can be an ideal home for some smaller animals. Your gutters can be an ideal place for them to store food or a hideout for many insects and smaller animals. Pay attention to your surroundings and from the yard try to remove everything that could serve as food for them. If you hear occasionally running around your gutter, it could be a sign that you have uninvited guests on your roof or gutters. Food collected by animals, most often squirrels, remains of straw from bird nests, and stuff like can be very pleasant for your gutters and their passability. So broom in hand and get to work.

6. Rotten wooden door or window frames

Water is a very dangerous adversary. Sometimes it is enough for the crack on your gutter to be a millimeter diameter, and let the water find its way. Very often you may not notice a small water channel that can pave the way and cause you problems. One of the signs that something is really wrong is rotting planks around the entrance doors or the outside of window frames. If you locate a rotten place, be sure to check the gutters in the vicinity first. Feel free to expand the scope checking because the cavity can be even meters away.

Preparing for fall and winter is a really big challenge. A bunch of things is waiting for you, and some of them are not pleasant. However, if we do not dedicate ourselves enough to the preparatory work, we will have twice as much to do in the spring more work.

Take care of your gutters because neglected gutters can cause many other problems as well. The most important thing is to detect problems in time so that the damage does not spread. Still, as much as you think yes you can take care of your home yourself, sometimes it is better to call for professional help. Professionals will help you assess the condition of your gutters to know what to do next. Professional cleaning and repairing your gutters can completely refresh them and extend their lifespan.